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Cash Advance Cards  

Cash Advance Cards


A cash advance card is a UD credit card that can be used as a cash card, a credit card, or a combination of both.

Cash Advance Cards are subject to the same receipt requirements as the other UD credit cards. If cash is withdrawn, the receipt must be kept along with any receipts for items purchased with the cash. Any unused cash must be returned to the University by cash transmittal. A cash expense log should be kept for any items for which getting a receipt is not possible. See the Forms page of this website for a sample log.

Cash Advance Cards are subject to review by a representative of Procurement Services. This representative will be looking to make sure that all necessary back up is present and in order.

Cash Advance Cards can be used for both travel and everyday purchasing. You do not need two cards if you have a cash advance card. This is the only card you need if you are an infrequent purchaser.