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Credit Cards  
Subject Location
Applying for a card
Available functionalities and
card application steps
How to apply for a card
Allocations Allocation in WORKS Instructions  MS Word Ι PDF
Forms UD Credit Card Enrollment Web Form
Purchasing Cardholder Account Maintenance Form
Frequently Asked Questions Credit Card FAQs
How-To Guides EGENCIA How-to Instructions for Guest Accounts MS Word Ι PDF
EGENCIA How-to Instructions for Personal Travel MS Word Ι PDF
PCard System - View Transactions Allocate transactions with bank posting dates prior to February 1, 2010
Reference/Useful Info Cash Advance Card Info Sheet
Cost Principles Guide
Department Names/ID Numbers
Lost Luggage
Reporting a Lost or Stolen Card
Tasks of an Independent Reviewer MS Word Ι PDF
Travel Accident Insurance MS Word Ι PDF
Travel Expenses on your UD Credit Card MS Word Ι PDF
UD Credit Card Guidelines
UD Credit Card Instructions for New Cardholders MS Word Ι PDF
VISA Guide to Benefits
User Group Meetings User Group Meetings
Works Application Works