Welcome to UDTime

UD Time went live on Sunday, August 4, 2013. With any new system implementation there are problems which need to be resolved. Below we have created a list of issues that are occurring and that we are working on to correct. We will update this site if new issues arise and when problems are resolved. Please check our website frequently.

Additional Assignment Additional Assignment does not show Work Study option for some OPEN
Balances Not Loaded -FMLA Balances
-Dependent Sick
Comp Time Earned Comp Time Earned form not allowing a user to submit time for a prior pay period OPEN
Dependent Sick Bank Dependent sick bank has not been created and balances have not been loaded OPEN
Request for Leave Form Cancel and Modify Requests are not working  OPEN
Request for Leave Form Completing a request for another employee is not working  OPEN
Request for Leave Form Error upon submitting form: "An error occurred while attempting to load information from UD Time" OPEN
Request for Leave Form Receiving "Unexpected Error" OPEN
Request for Leave Form This request does not effect any of your bank balances OPEN
Request for Leave Form Unable to Cancel form; showing "Pending Cancel" OPEN
Variable Hour Employees Error upon sign-on attempt

If Additional Assignment Form completed but variable hour employee is unable to clock-in, home department may need hourly rate and funding.
Work Study Work Study did not split properly when the student worked more than their work study allotment FIXED
Additional Assignment Form For some employees, error when trying to create the additional assignment form: "Provide Valid Employee, use look up to search" FIXED
Compensation Time Form Not yet available FIXED
Duplicating Time Upon Submit Clicking on submit multiple times duplicates values shown on details page. (This does not however effect actual balances.) FIXED
Employee Schedules Incorrect schedules FIXED
Part-Time Accruals Part-time employee accruals for vacation and sick time not working FIXED
Request for Leave Form Employees cannot submit a leave request form for time in a prior pay period FIXED
Request for Leave Form Error upon accessing form or submitting FIXED
Request for Leave Form Error: "You may not enter a Start date before 09/01/2013." FIXED
Request for Leave Form Error: "You are not configured in UD Time" FIXED
Request for Leave Form Supervisor not showing on form. Solution identified, implementing soon. FIXED
Timekeeper Role Unable to Edit Employee Time FIXED
Time Balances Balances shown are blank or incorrect FIXED
Time-Out Error Request for Leave form times out after processing. FIXED
Vacation and sick balances Vacation and sick balances being limited FIXED
Accurate as of: 4/14/2014

If you are experiencing an issue not listed above, please email ud-time@udel.edu with a detailed description of the problem. If possible, include any error messages received &/or screenshots.

Payroll Tips

  • Overpayment? Do not use the amended request form for overpayments, rather send an email to payrolloverpayments@udel.edu.
  • When Payroll starts a pay process, either BW or SM, employee time sheets are locked, and until we finish the pay process and advance into the next pay cycle employees are unable to complete Leave Request forms.

Timekeeper Role

Please check the Supervisor Table to confirm the Timekeeper Role(s) is populated for your area(s). A blank value will prevent the Timekeeper from having access to employees with the assigned Supervisor Code. If an update is needed, please complete the HR Supervisor Update webform.

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