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University of Delaware Sponsorship

While there are several avenues available for permanent residence applicants, the University of Delaware, in partnership with the immigration law firm of Goldblum & Hess, only provides legal counsel and assistance in the preparation and submission of employment-based petitions to eligible university employees. Departments wishing to sponsor a university employee for employment-based LPR must contact and coordinate petitions via the University of Delaware’s Payroll, Records Management & HR-IT department.

More information regarding the university’s sponsorship policy can be found at:

Individuals interested in applying for an LPR category other than the ones processed by the University of Delaware must either hire an immigration attorney or file the applications on their own. The university cannot advise on these other LPR categories, but detailed information is available in the “LPR Overview” section below.

Finding an Immigration Attorney
Immigration law is complex and changes frequently. Therefore, locating a good immigration attorney is important. You will likely spend considerable time and money working with your immigration attorney. Do your research regarding fees, processing times and general reviews before choosing an attorney. There are circumstances in which a person can successfully file a petition with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services without the help of an immigration attorney. If you decide to file a petition on your own, you may want to pay for a one-time, initial consultation with a qualified immigration lawyer to review your case.