For Start Ups

Assistance & Support

The Small Business Development Technology Center (SBTDC) offers a wide range of services for entrepreneurs interested in starting a high-tech company; either by licensing University IP or by using their own technology. An advisor can help assess start-up feasibility by working with you to answer a number of strategic questions, which may ultimately impact your start-ups likelihood of success.

Committed to the ongoing success of new ventures

Our advisors can help sharpen the focus and accelerate the development of high-tech start-ups, and they are committed to the ongoing success of new ventures. Advisors provide ongoing support to help entrepreneurs scale their operations and grow sales. They also provide assistance with market research and strategy, the investigation of new products and market applications, management training and development, funding strategy and implementation, operations support, financial management and exit strategies. Additional services include:

  • Business plan development, including help answering key questions
  • Customer validation and marketing strategy
  • Funding strategy (SBIR Gateway Program and Attracting Technology Investor workshops)
  • Networking assistance and connecting with appropriate resources
  • Team development (CEO recruitment, advisory boards, inter-disciplinary teams, management skills)
  • Identification of affordable vendor services (incorporation, banking, legal, accounting)
  • Location of affordable space
  • Timing of commercialization
  • IP strategy and rights

For more information, please contact Gary Simon at 302-831-0772 or by email