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Stimulating invention

The Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships works with the University community to turn research discoveries into meaningful inventions. UD's Technology Transfer Center helps protect intellectual property as well as aiding with licensing, commercialization and growth of new enterprises.

Celebrating the role and dynamic of the inventor in research

Enabling innovation

The Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships has established the "Entrepreneurial Ecosystem," which serves as a support system for students, faculty and researchers--encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration to grown new business ideas.

Establishing the "Entrepreneurial Ecosystem"

Forging partnerships

As part of its broader mission, the Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships is helping to develop partnerships within the state, region and across the globe that produce economic and community benefits.

Deploying our Knowledge-Based Assets for Impact

Creating Jobs

Through empowering small business owners and assisting UD researchers in creating their own start-up companies, the Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships is helping put people to work in Delaware.

Developing technology and community-based business

Hands-down winner

Military glove maker assisted by resources at UD

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Contracting business

Procurement Technical Assistance Center helps companies navigate world of government contracts - 142 awards totaling almost $100 million.

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President Patrick Harker lauds the work of inventors and innovators

Feb. 7, UD's latest crop of inventors was honored at a reception at the Roselle Center for the Arts.

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UD to partner with NRG Energy

Find out how eV2g, a company commercializing new technology will enable electric vehicle owners to sell electric storage services from the batteries of parked electric vehicles to help stabilize the electricity grid.

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$19.5 million grant awarded

A UD-led team has been awarded a $19.5 million grant to establish orthopedic rehabilitation care that optimizes the ability of soldiers with musculoskeletal injuries to function in everyday life.

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Spotlight: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

June 25, 2013 presentation: "First Mover Advantage - A Portfolio Perspective of the State of Delaware's Industries". Read More (.pdf)