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Financial Information

All related costs of your participation in the Institute and your stay in the United States will be covered by the Middle Eastern Partnership Initiative.

* All required books and educational materials will be provided you upon arrival to the University of Delaware.

Additionally, you will receive:

  • UD FLEX Dollars which you may use in campus dining halls, the UD bookstore, the library, and other campus locations.
  • Generous cash allowances for the purchase of books, costs of cultural activities, meals purchased off campus, and incidental expenses. It is unlikely that you will need any additional funds during your stay, though you are welcome to bring extra money if you prefer. Cash allowances will be deposited directly into your PNC bank account approximately every 10-14 days during the program. You will be provided with approximately $40 per day to cover all costs mentioned above, though keep in mind that additional costs including most program dinners, select cultural activities and educational materials are already covered by the program.

Your cash allowances will be deposited in an account in your name at the PNC Bank. There are no fees to open, maintain, or close this account. You are also welcome to leave your PNC account open after you leave the US; the fee waiver will continue for five years. You may access funds in your account by using you University of Delaware ID card (which will be issued to you soon after your arrival) or by writing checks. Although fees may apply for using non-PNC ATM machines, there are many PNC ATMs on campus as well as at our study tour locations.

The Institute will pay the costs of your domestic transportation, including vehicle travel, airfare to study tour locations as well as all lodging expenses in Delaware and elsewhere. Participants will also be provided with a daily per diem when traveling on the study tour, which covers meals and incidental costs. When determining your personal budget for the program, please keep in mind that most airlines only allow you to check one bag weighing 23kg or less for free. Therefore, any additional luggage that you check on your international flight to/from the US will result in additional fees (usually $100-150 per bag), so we suggest that you budget and pack accordingly.


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