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Ecole des Sciences de I'Information (Information Science School) - Morocco

January, 2013

American Students at the University of Delaware Visit the ESI

Following a stay of M.s Afouaiz, 3rd year student at ESI, in the US during the summer as part of the MEPI program, a group of 19 UD students met ESI students on Friday, Jan 4th at 2pm.

Students were accompanied and supervised by Audrey Helfman, a UD professor and director of the summer MEPI program. The 19 students met ESI students as part of a plenary session to present the 2 institutions, their program and goal of the visit. A Q&A session followed and allowed students from both universities to exchange questions on the theme of current events. Workshops made up of working groups of both US and Moroccan students were assembled and focused on the following themes: education and teaching methodology in both countries, democracy, religion, leadership, Moroccan education in the countryside/farming communities (can be both in French).
The day ended with a walking tour of ESI, an exchange of contact information between students, and a photo session”


Translation by Lionel Gilibert

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