Delaware Diamonds Society

2013-2014 Honor Roll

Thank you to the following Delaware Diamonds Society members for their leadership support during the 2013-2014 academic year, beginning July 1, 2013 and ending June 30, 2014.

Pacesetter: $100,000+ | Founder: $50,000 - $99,999 | Visionary: $25,000 - $49,999
Ambassador: $10,000 - $24,999 | Patron: $5,000 - $9,999| Benefactor: $2,500 - $4,999
Fellow: $1,500 - $2,499 | Contributor: $1,000 - $1,499

Pacesetter: $100,000+

William C. Allen '72 and William C. Spotswood
Morton '58 and Donna K. Collins
Howard E. Jr. '70M and Joyce O. Cosgrove
Richard B. and Claudia G. Fischer
Donna M. Fontana '85
Frank S. and Elizabeth W. Fountain
William L. '58M and Mary Kay Friend
Stuart M. and Suzanne B. Grant
Richard C. '57 and Janet M. Haines
E. Thomas Harvey III '75
Martina Combs Hayward '74 and Pierre du Pont Hayward
Charles W. '75 and Patricia A. Horn
Krishan K. and Krishna K. Khanna
Christopher K. and Jayne S. Malfitano
Marie E. Pinizzotto '08M and Carol A. Ammon '11H
Donald J. Puglisi '12H and Marichu Valencia
Patricia Orris Robertson '72M and Charles W. Robertson Jr.
Stanley I. Sandler

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Founder: $50,000 - $99,999

Charles C. III '71 and Barbara N. Allen
Charles R. Caldwell
R. R. M. III and Stephanie C. Carpenter
Mary Jane Carroll
Joseph J. DeStefano '68M '72PhD and Judith Grandinette DeStefano '70
Chester T. Jr. '62 '64M and Sally D. Dickerson
Phil '57M and Ruth V. Evans
James G. Faller '62M '67PhD and Catherine Eliades Faller '58
Evelyn R. Hayes
David R. Helwig '73 and Constance LaRoe Helwig '73
Suzanne Patterson Holmes '67 '70M and Michael E. Holmes
Judith Switzer Jenkins '62 and Alexander Jenkins III
Beverly Csizmadia Mills '98 and David L. Mills
Samuel Quek and Alice Chao
Robert H. III and Mariana S. Richards
Robert L. Siegfried Jr. '81 and Kathleen Horgan Siegfried '85
William J. Stegeman
Robert M. '85 and Rabbit Tullman

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Visionary: $25,000 - $49,999

Barry J. '78 and M. Therese Verdugo Bentley
Keith A. '80 and Corinne P. Bentley
Eric Brucker '63 and Sharon Bowerman Brucker '75M
Mae R. and Robert C. Carter
Matthew C. Cohen '89 and Beth Monaghan Cohen '89
John R. Collins '80 and Margaret Pierce Collins '80
Steven A. and Rhoda S. Dombchik
John R. Eagle '56 and Joyce Blair Eagle '56
Stephen F. '85 and Dana D. Esser
Ruth R. '93PhD and Edmund A. Flexman
Lynn Forester
Vance A. Funk III '65 and Elaine Trzcinski Funk
Charles A. '70 and Patricia Genuardi
Patrick T. and Emily S. Harker
Thomas W. '73 and Katherine C. Hofmann
Richard F. '61 and Laura H. Humphreys
John B. Kelly '83 and Terri Connor Kelly '83
Dorothy G. Magers
Sandra G. and J. Christopher Magers
Edric R. Jr. '68 and Mary Ellen Mason
Keith R. Mayhew '83 and Robin Lucas Mayhew '86
R. Peter '63 and Jane R. Mercer
Martin S. '96 and Terri L. Micklin
Alfred L. Minite '80 and Susan Gilman Minite '80
Dorothy Levis Munroe '46M
Gordon A. '56 and Suzanne H. Pfeiffer
Jane R. Roth '94H
John K. Ryder '86 and Suzette Asbury Ryder '86
Edmond J. Sannini '78 and Concetta Frezzo '78
William M. '69 and Elizabeth A. Sharp
Robert W. Smith '84 and Teresa Britton Smith '83
Ruth Fede Stetson '93M
William and Helen Stimson
Gordon P. Sweeney Jr. '80 and Linda Lawler Sweeney '80
Catherine G. West
Thomas B. Willing '72

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Ambassador: $10,000 - $24,999

Charles M. Allmond III '53 '57M and Frances Oliphant Allmond '53
Ashley R. and Shoshana M. Altschuler
Maryellen F. Andersen
John L. Anderson '67 and Patricia Siemen Anderson '67
Raymond D. '76 and Melanie S. Andrews
Damian M. '95 and Jennifer M. Andrisani
Toby Armour
Lyn B. Arnold '77 '79M
Alan S. Atkinson '87
Stacey Hondry Bacchieri '82 and Gregg Bacchieri
Taoreed O. Badmus '90PhD and Ann Massey Badmus '84
David W. '71 and Sandra Baldt
Scott A. Barber '96 and Krista King Barber '96
Michael E. '79 and Barbara J. Bass
Mark P. Bendett '81M '85PhD
Catherine Van Horn Bieber '56M and Homer L. Bieber
Mary Ann Hangen Blair '66 '82M and Joseph D. Blair
Karl W. and Renate E. Boer
Antoinette Bonaviso
Jean Cozza Bonney '62
Sandra Spence Bowman '04 and J. Michael Bowman
Michael P. and Patricia S. Brey
Catherine Bromilow
Charlotte Waterbury Brown '81 and Robert L. Brown III
David E. Brown Jr.
John R. and Amanda L. Cali
Ellen Cannon '76
Robert E. Cannon '71M '73PhD and Janne Hadley Cannon '70
Theodore H. Carski '86PhD and Janet C. Ruhl '92PhD
Albert F. Carter III '88 and Elizabeth Miller Carter '88
Lawrence R. '58 '66M and Barbara V. Catuzzi
Arthur B. '62 and Jenny H. Chase '60
Michael and Monica L. Chernow
Andrew R. '84 and Sharon D. Cichocki
Charles H. Collier III '65
Paul N. '66 and Flo Z. Costello
Frederick L. Cottrell III '85 and Marian Bergan Cottrell '85
Eugene L. and Gay E. Crowley
Walter S. Cullen and Jo C. Brown
Claire M. DeMatteis '87 and Michael T. Marquardt
Robert F. '80 and Kathy M. Deutsch '80
Mark A. '83 and Amanda J. DiRienz
Robert V. Donato III '88
Douglas J. Doren and Deborah B. Ehrenthal
Scott R. '73 '76M and Elizabeth B. Douglass
Gregory G. '96 and Catherine C. Doyle
Henry B. du Pont IV
Christopher R. Dyckman '87M and Susan Scotto-Dyckman '82M
Russell R. Dynes
John E. '87 and Jennifer Eckerson
John G. Elias
Gerard J. '86 and Donna M. Emery
Richard E. Emmert '52M '54PhD and Marilyn Marner Emmert '75
Stephen S. Eppig '86 and Gloria Granfield Eppig '87
Katherine L. Esterly
Bruce E. '71 '72M and Susan S. Fad
Robert A. Fischer Jr. '70 and Linda Marshall Fischer '70
Karen Olsen Fletcher '81 '82M
Margaret M. Foran
Daniel J. Freeman and Jill Floore
Stephen T. '82 and Karen E. Friedman
John M. '92 and Teresa L. Gallagher
Francis E. Jr. '62 and Mildred W. Gardiner
Larry and Lynn M. Giacchino
Douglass P. Gianforte '84 and Jan Gardner Gianforte '84
Wendy M. Goldberg '96
Scott K. '76 and Maryann Goodell
Donald L. Gouge Jr. '80
Thomas L. '60 and Kipp T. Gutshall
Ethel B. Hackley
Elaine Lowe Handloff '74 '91M and Richard M. Handloff
Nancy L. Hayward
David M. '81 and Linda S. Heitzer
Robert H. '68 and Paula L. Hill
Lou and Peg Hirsh
Howard E. Hudson Jr. '63 and Patricia Coyne Hudson '63
Mark P. and Karen S. Huston
Bess Joffe
Russell B. Jr. and Donnan S. Jones
Stanley R. '56M and Rosemary H. Jones
Andrew R. Jordan III '91 and Stacey Farias Jordan '92
David A. Juliano Sr. '75 and Anita Angeline Juliano '76
David A. Katz
Merritt C. Jr. '60 '66M and Alberta B. Kirk
A. D. and Delia L. Kirwan
Charles W. Koenig '54 and Sandra Jones Koenig '58
John T. Kramer '82 and Brenda Pasapane Kramer '83
Brett Codrington Kristoff '85 and Mark S. Kristoff
William M. '85 and Melissa G. Lafferty
Geoff M. Langdon
Jacquelynn A. Langdon
Peter A. and Dana Langerman
James Y. Li
Yang-Xiang Li
Robert J. '77 and Francine G. Lipstein
Guy F. Marcozzi '85 '89M and Christine Jaworski Marcozzi '87
Charles E. Mason
Sandra P. Mather
Joseph and Gail Maurillo
William G. Mavity '72
Wayne E. McCabe '57
Donald L. '48 and Jonnie J. McLellan
E. Ruth McLuckie
Michael R. McMullen '84 and Dolores Byrne McMullen '83
Stuart W. Mercer and Mary E. Kelly
W. Randolph Mercner '78 and Linda Pickett Mercner '85
Joan T. and Stacey J. Mobley
Stephen M. Mockbee '73 and Maria N. Kohler-Mockbee
Edward B. Jr. '55 and Julia M. Morrow
Mark E. Nagel '75 and Colleen Corlett Nagel '76
Janet V. Neville-Loper
Philip V. Newcomb '80 and Anne Reilly Newcomb '80
Frank W. Nobles '97M and Sally A. Humphrey
Indra Nooyi
Robert W. Norris Jr. '77 and Debra Hess Norris '77 '80M
G. Dennis O'Brien
John F. Olson
Francis A. '79 and Sharon M. Palermo
Thomas H. '82 and Joanne M. Pike
Robert L. Pritchett '61
Michael S. '67 and Elizabeth R. Purzycki
Claudia Cannon Rash '74 and Marc S. Rash
Edward C. Ratledge '71 '72M
Bruce C. '89PhD and Terri A. Robertson
Gregory T. '91 and Kristi Rogerson
T. W. Fraser Russell '64PhD '10H
Nicole Sandford
Gregory J. Sawka '94M and Karen Kozlowski Sawka '90 '94M
Lori Wachter Schell '97 and Christopher H. Schell
Paul H. '73 and Denise B. Schipper
Elaine Madara Scholz '93
Carolyn Schweitzer
Eric M. Schweitzer '95
Mary M. Schweitzer
James A. Sears '70 and Suzanne McMahon Sears '78
William H. Jr. '50PhD and Jacqueline S. Severns
H. Rodney Sharp III '60 and Lynn Herrick Sharp
Harold D. Smith II '64 and Barbara Kelly Smith '64
Scott R. Somerville '76 and Mary Nash Somerville '76
A. Gilchrist III and Mimi Sparks
Donald L. Sparks
W. Alvon Jr. '58 and Helen C. Sparks
J. Rodman Jr. '63 and Karen Steele
Daniel B. '78 and Carol A. Strickberger
Monica M. Taylor
William R. '59 and Frances C. Taylor
Xavier A. Teixido '76 and Nina Foss Teixido '81
Levi T. Jr. '81 and Maria A. Thompson
Henry Topel
Karen L. Valihura
Richard C. '93 and Alison L. Volpe
George H. Watson Jr. '85PhD and Norine Brown Watson '93 '97M
David F. '81 and Heidi A. Welch
John W. White
Kenneth C. '80 and Elizabeth K. Whitney
Thomas D. Whittington Jr. '69 and Marna Cupp Whittington '68
John L. Williams
Mary Jane and William H. Willis Jr.
James A. and Michele A. Wingrave
Edgar S. Jr. and Peggy H. Woolard
David M. Yates '70 '76M and Martha Morris Yates '75

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Patron: $5,000 - $9,999

Richard A. Zipser and Ulrike Diedenhofen
David J. '93 and Kristin M. Zebrowski
Ping Xu '94M '99M and Faye Loh Xu '97M
Ming Xu '93M and Jun Wang
Gregory C. '60 and Harriet H. Wilson
David A. Willis '71 and B. Wells Rusteberg Willis '71
Lawrence and Wendy S. White
Meredith Anderson Wesolowski '08EdD
Paul Washington
David L. Warnock '80 and Deidre A. Bosley '79
Carol J. Ward
John E. Jr. '64 and Barbara C. Wallace
Nicholas H. '88M '92PhD and Sarah M. Vrolijk
Thomas W. Van Grofski '66 '68M and Jacqueline Harding Van Grofski '63
Joseph C. '57 and Ellen J. Thorp
Carolyn Thompson Thoroughgood '65
Mary Sikra Thomas '91 and Stephen A. Thomas
Richard B. and Marilyn H. Taylor
Timothy E. and Nancy M. Targett
Francis S. Talarowski Jr. '75 and Susan L. Best '76
Douglass F. and Christine Taber
Stanley R. Sykora
Richard P. '79 and Martha W. Supina
Joseph J. Straight '98
Lynn Snyder-Mackler
Elaine Hughes Singleton '67 and David W. Singleton
Nicole Silicato-Miller '01
Dennis E. Silicato '75 and Carolyn Stevenson Silicato '74
Karl W. Shuler '75 '78 and Susan Lundblad Shuler '74
George H. Seitz III '68 and Kathleen Conley Seitz '67
Timothy D. and Lisa N. Saxton
William A. Santora '73
Katherine Y. Runge
John K. '60 and Dawna Ruello
Carol Rothkopf
Stuart P. Ross
Richard M. Rosenfeld '66 and Margaret L. Andersen
Thomas G. Rodenhiser '75
W. C. Jr. and Linda B. Robertson
Charles G. and Karen T. Riordan
Kenneth L. '53 and Theodora F. Rieth
Daniel and Nancy S. Rich
John Riabov '75 and Darelle Lake Riabov '73
Reed E. Pyeritz '68 and Jane E. Tumpson
Eric A. '74 and Linda Pyeritz
Joseph J. Purzycki '71 '77M and Sharon Kirk Purzycki '71
Donald J. Oberg Jr. '89 and Lynn Dixon Oberg '89
Chaoying Ni '97PhD and Yi-Wei Dai '98
Patricia T. and Carl W. Nelson
Britton H. and Janice H. Murdoch
Burnaby Munson
Sepehr Mostaghim '70 and Nancy Waite Mostaghim '69
Thomas A. Morgan '91 and Lynn Olson Morgan '78 '87M
Francis A. Monaco Jr. '78
Christopher C. Millard '01 and Meghan Chapman Millard '01
Carolyn M. McNeice '68 '81M
George W. III and Marie McKinney
James H. McClelland
Evelyn M. Maurmeyer '74M '78PhD
David C. and Kim L. Martin
David B. and Martha Martin
William E. Manning '73 and Martha Luce Manning '73
Robert E. Lyons
Thomas J. Luginbill '09 and Alison K. Baker '10
Kent E. and Gina E. Lonsdale
Charles A. and Carolyn Locastro
Todd T. Leong '86 and Grace Thompson Leong '88
Ralph R. '85M and Sandy Leon
Edward Labaton
David F. Kunca '63
Joseph G. Krauss '78 and Anne Feeney Krauss '78
Dennis E. and Sandra M. Klima
Michael T. '77 and Elizabeth T. Klein
Sarah Powers Kirn '90 and Edward W. Kirn III
Frances C. Kirkpatrick
Andrew B. Kirkpatrick Jr. '05H*
Paul H. Kimpel '70
Rick J. and Melissa J. Jackson
Virginia B. Hutting '73
Kevin L. '90 and Kirsten F. Howard
David E. and Kathleen A. Hollowell
Norman N. '54M '56PhD and Gale R. Hochgraf
Kevin J. and Linda A. Henker
Richard E. Hangen '62 and Claire Zernoski Hangen '65
Jennifer Walsh-Hamra '96
Miriam Lloyd Halsey '62
Thomas E. Hall '78 and Patricia Kilbane Hall '78M
George F. '60M and Elizabeth Z. Haenlein
Flavio D. '86 and Katia T. Guacelli
George C. Jr. '79 and Rebecca W. Gross
Susan E. Groh and Mark J. Nelson
Eric L. '76 and Ilean L. Grayson
Robert P. Jr. '78 and Susan W. Gildea
James V. '78 and Annette Gardella
Patricia Going Frey '76 and Philip C. Frey
Michael J. Fosina '84 and Linda Suess Fosina '85
Paul A. Jr. '92 and Shannon Fioravanti
Susan R. Finkel '77 '84M
Peter D. Finkel
Allan R. Ferguson '65 and Myra Campbell Ferguson '66
James L. Everett '63 and Gail Ramsey Everett '85M
E. Bradford Jr. '97M and Priscilla A. duPont
Sandra Brownell Dunphy '76 and Kenneth A. Dunphy
James S. Dick '59 and Louise Lattomus Dick '59
Dennis M. '99 and Kelly C. Debusschere
Steven '69 and Dorothea A. Danyluk
William B. and Adriana B. Daniels
JoAnne Brown Cianci '88 and Chris Cianci
William B. Chandler III '73 and Gayle Lynch Chandler '73
Michael J. and Elizabeth A. Chajes
Blair R. Carmean '88 and Cheryl Spartz Carmean '87
B. Vance Carmean Jr. '62 and Kathleen Hager Carmean '64
Stephen B. Camper '79 '82M and Janet Schimpf Camper '79
Marie DiNenno Burton '84 and Charles L. Burton
Jennifer M. Buckley '01
Alice G. Brydia
Ronald E. '82 and Janet S. Bruehlman
William L. and Joann E. Browning
Jeffrey M. Bross '69 and Ann Comune Bross '91M
John A. Brennan III
John J. Brelus '78
David C. and Lydia R. Boyer
Jeffrey B. '75 and C. Lloyd Evans Bove
Neil W. Book '99
J. Caleb III and Bhavana S. Boggs
Karl E. and Kristin A. Bennett
James T. '93 and Ciara O. Belliveau
John A. and Monica T. Beatrice
Jack J. Baroudi and Jay F. Leaning
Michael J. Axe
George B. Aulen '68
Joseph M. '90 and Cynthia E. Asher
Robert E. Ashby '77 and Sandra Keene Ashby '77
Richard M. Appleby III '78 and Dorothy Hughes Appleby '86
Norman N. and Phyllis W. Aerenson
Burton A. Abrams and Karen G. Venezky

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Benefactor: $2,500 - $4,999

Doug Ainsworth
Kurt B. '80 and Jenny Z. Akeley
Sandra Gant Ambrose '85
Edwin W. Anderson Jr. '66
Michael J. '81PhD and Carla D. Angelo
William A. Jr. '74 and Margaret L. Apps
John G. Armistead III '64 and Deborah Isaacs Armistead '64
David P. Arnott '89 and Nicole C. Vicinanza '89
Robert T. Ashman '81 and Susan Scott Ashman '80 '81M
Casey Gilmore Aspin '84
Matthew J. Axe '08 '11M
Robert H. and Dorothy A. Baldwin
Perry S. Beberman '89 '95M and Tracey Carroll Beberman '89
Ellen Fletcher Benedict '75 and Richard A. Benedict
Barry I. '88 and Christine S. Berger
Stuart and Catriona Binder-Macleod
Russ Jr. '67 and Judy Bonadonna
Frank and Melissa F. Borelli
Andrew J. Borresen '77
David I. Bower '76
Alan L. '73 and Joann M. Brayman
Mark B. Brown '85 and Rita Mazzotta Brown '84
Susan Brynteson
Donald C. Burke '82 and Linda Grohs Burke '82
Thomas J. '74 and Terry E. Burns
Edmund J. Jr. '68 and Nil Cain
Ann B. Catts '52
Minsoo Chang
D. Bruce and Jamie S. Chase
Pei C. and Chia-Chyi S. Chiu
Kristen Clendaniel Clark '90
Edmond A. and Joanne M. Cocks
Joshua Cohen
Robert S. Cole Jr. '73
John R. '88 and Susan L. Craft
Jana L. Cresswell '95
Russell L. Crook '72 and Donna Murray Crook '72
Gary D. Curl '74 '76M and Carol Jones-Curl
Thomas M. DiMuzio '71 and Carolyn Nesbitt DiMuzio '71
Dominic M. and Marilyn F. DiToro
John R. and Karen Dollmeyer
Renee Dong '09M '14PhD and Xiang Gao
Marie R. Drobin '62
Kenneth S. Eagle '00 and Lauren Shlian Eagle '99
Lewis Fader
Michael Federico
George M. Fisher IV and Deanne B. New
William F. Flyge Jr. '86
Jan Foth
Thomas C. Franceschini '90 and Catherine Corey Franceschini '90
Edward J. Freel '74M '76M and Maureen Laffey Freel '87M
Carol Van Dyke Freer '68
Sally H. Gakenheimer
Patrick C. '71 and Rebecca L. Gallery
Jeffrey W. and Barbara B. Garland
Robert E. Sr. and Kathleen T. Garrett
John G. Gaul '78 and Joann Wesson Gaul '78
Clavel Albay Gempesaw '82M '91PhD and Conrado M. Gempesaw II
Michael A. Gilbert and Barbara Roche
Donna Bickhardt Glass '86 and Thomas E. Glass
Marielena Andalora Glassman '85
Harry S. and Lynn F. Glaze
Teri Quinn Gray and Bernard C. Gray
Scott A. Green '77 and Barbara Hitchens Green '79
Scott H. Green '73
Lesa G. and Allan N. Griffiths
Junwook Han
Wayne R. '76 and Veronica A. Hanby
William A. Hancock '43
Matthew A. Handling '97 and Susanne Lesniak Handling '98
Richard A. Jr. '95 and Laura H. Harman
John and Janet Harper
Kevin J. Harrington '83 and Catherine Lennox Harrington '82
Nancy J. Heller '90M and Roger M. Lob
Jeffrey L. Herbert '01 and Yadira A. Ramos-Herbert
Jerry R. Holt and Hannelore Dawson-Holt
Christine H. Homer
Joanne Lynch Horn '68 and Al Horn
Richard J. Horvath '68
John D. Hukill '54 and Jay Rowland Hukill '56
Robert H. Irwin '51
Cedrick A. '95 and Dawn N. Johnson
Edgar N. Johnson Jr. '67 '70M and Karen Pawlina Johnson '72
Bonnie Kenny
Theodore F. Killheffer Jr. '58
Morton R. and Marcia H. Kimmel
Elizabeth Kipp-Stauffer
William H. Knowles Jr. '72 and Julie Moyer Knowles '82
Lynn Adams Kokjohn '78 and Tucker M. Kokjohn
Robert Krinsky
Steven J. '79 and Holly E. Krinsky
John A. and Janet V. Krol
Bangalore T. '71M and Suvarna B. Lakshman
Denise H. Lasher '77
Jee-Yong Lee
Dean E. '61M and Dean W. Leib
Abraham M. and Roleen T. Lenhoff
Charles R. Lewis III '75 and Pamela B. Gilbert
Steven E. Linberg '73 and Alice Raphel Linberg '73
Dianne Dardes Loeb '79 and Stephen B. Loeb
J. Clyde Louth '57
Donald J. Jr. '66 and Carol M. Lowe
John B. Macfarlane IV '73 and Deborah Baker Macfarlane '73
Michael J. Marone '83 and Veronica Attanasio Marone '85
Michael D. and Winifred J. Marquart
Ruth Pierson Marshall '53 and Thomas C. Marshall Jr.
Nicholas M. Jr. '77 and Julia S. Marsini
Kathleen S. Matt '75 '78M and Michael C. Moore
Ethel W. Maw
Clark A. McCollough '68 and Carol Toop McCollough '67
Cynthia Coxe McDowell '78 and Kenneth O. McDowell
Molly McKaughan
Scott G. and Rita McRoy
John B. McVaugh Jr. '71 '75M and Brigid Hawk McVaugh '74
David F. Metzbower '87 and Marion Rogers Metzbower '87
Howard L. Meyers '70 and Barbara Egner Meyers '70
Richard T. '91 and Patricia Monnig
Larry A. Mutschler
Dominic J. Muzzi '99 and Stacey Martin Muzzi '99
Brad A. Nathanson '02
Terry F. Neimeyer '77 and Mary Luckring Neimeyer '77
Charles J. Orella '82M and Annette Murray Orella '83
Burton I. and Carole T. Orland
Hayler H. '64 and Judith R. Osborn
Gregory J. and Laura S. Packer
Michael P. Pagano '98
Jill Gugino Pante '05M and Jonathan P. Pante
Eleftherios T. and Maria C. Papoutsakis
Eunho Park
David A. Plastino '78
Ralph D. Popp '67M '71PhD and Robin E. Mockenhaupt
Patrick J. and Mary Ann A. Powers
Steven P. '80 and Elizabeth Pressler
David W. Price '90 and Kristin Shannon Price '88
Nathaniel H. and Yvonne L. Puffer
Dominick Pulieri
Donald W. '80 and Sandra A. Pyle
Kuangnan Qian '90PhD
Charles T. '71 and Dariece M. Rau
Leslie and Janice B. Reidel
Randolph P. Reynolds Jr. '58 and Ruth Johnson Reynolds '64 '97M
Jack H. '62 and Barbara E. Rider
Alvin B. Roberson III '64 and Linda Westerman Roberson '67
Michele M. Rollins
Pauline K. Romagnoli
Richard C. '56M '58PhD and Margaret V. Romano
Rita A. Rome
John A. Sr. '68 and Joanne D. Roslan
Robert J. Rush III '94
Mark Samuels Lasner and Margaret D. Stetz
Joseph R. '82 and Jennifer Schmuckler
Joseph C. Schoell '88
Gary L. Schoen and Andrea Gregory-Schoen
Charles G. Schussler '79
Harlan Scott*
Valerie M. Seeger
Michael R. Seidl '95PhD and Lisa L. Lock '92M
Pamela Snyder Simpson '97
J. Thomas and Constance C. Sims
Phyllis Walker Sisk '80
Carolyn Christopher Skaggs '60 and Arthur L. Skaggs
Brian and Susan J. Slane
Frank T. Jr. '68 '71M and Vantrice R. Smith
Anne-Marie Sotire '91
Karen Homza Sowa '77 and David T. Sowa
Stanley P. Spence '77 and Helen King Spence '76
James C. Stein
Ethan A. Stenger Jr. '57 and Patricia A. Stenger '58
Mattie Figgs Stevenson '70 and Keith T. Stevenson
James C. Stewart '38
E. Marvin '64 and Cynthia B. Stouffer
Richard L. '57 and Violette W. Sutton
George G. Tatnall '57 and Ann Weslager Tatnall '57
Edward J. Taylor '55
Sandra Test McCauley '74
D. Jeffrey '79 and Deborah C. Thomas
Lloyd L. Thoms Jr.
Everett C. and Tamara M. Toomey
Robert Uniatowski '70 and Patricia Dellen Uniatowski '85M
Jeffrey S. '94 and Kimberly M. Vande Poele
Judith E. Villamarin
Marilyn Hay Villanueva '63 and Edward Villanueva
Keith D. Watson '85 '90M and Wen Chao '85
Elizabeth L. Wehnes
John Weikart
Frank B. Wickes '59
H. Drake Williams Jr. '61 and Sandra Schwab Williams '61 '68M
Harry D. and Karen S. Willis
N. Guy '74 '79M and Virginia L. Winebrenner
Jacqueline Winn-O'Neill '01 and James B. O'Neill
Robert Wojciechowicz '90
J. Peter Wolf III '91 and Christine Bradley Wolf '92
Kenneth W. and Marie Wolf
Robert E. Zumwalt '60M '66PhD and Doris Wild Zumwalt '59 '63M

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Fellow: $1,500 - $2,499

Robert W. Jr. '66 '69M and Margaret S. Abbott
Rebecca Geiger Abel '70 and G. Richard Abel
L. Gene '96M and Gina Alessandrini
Tony Allen '93 '01PhD and Raina Harper Allen '01M
Ralph T. Alls '66 '69M and Merry Ellen Evens Alls '69
Robert J. '67M '68PhD and Nancy B. Anderson
Gerard J. and Patricia A. Andrews
Barbra Frank Andrisani '68
Robert S. and Joan Appleby
J. Richard Jr. '73 and Susan F. Armitage
John P. Auletto '87 and Marybeth Hurlbutt Auletto '87
John F. Avondolio '86
John E. Jr. '63 and Linda W. Babiarz
Raymond S. Jr. '76 and Margaret M. Babiarz
Christopher W. Baker '89 and Carole Fleetwood Baker '89
Kenneth E. Ballinger '90 and Ann Kaiser Ballinger '91
Ralph W. Barrow Jr. '54 and Anna Ernest Barrow '56
James A. '82 and Miriam A. Baumgartner
Jarame J. Beaupre '05 and Michelle Plant Beaupre '07
Ralph J. and Barbara Begleiter
Michael G. Bend '80 '91PhD and Valerie P. Hans
Zachary H. Bend
Christopher J. Bender '78 and Gail Dreibelbis Bender '78
James A. Benson '90
Yaroslav and Wira R. Bilinsky
Joseph E. Biloon '99 and Alison Bailey Biloon '99
Chip Bixler II '72 '74M and Doris Hogentogler Bixler '71 '80M
Mark J. '86 and Ingrid J. Bonapace
Margaret Bigelow Bottorff '92M and Kyle J. Bottorff
Terrance A. '95 and Janelle N. Bowman
Joseph H. '81 and Cheryl Bozick
Russell Brand '10M and Beth Grillet Brand '95
David A. '81 and Debi T. Brandt
Steven W. Brockel '72 and Mary Jo Citro Brockel '72
James K. '75 and Barbara L. Broomall
Nicole F. Brown '93PhD
Linda Swinehart Bryson '83M and Noel K. Bryson
Gary A. Bullock '79
Allen W. Burton Jr. '00PhD
Mark W. Campbell '81
Patrick J. Carr '89 '01M and Lisa C. Kopish-Carr '89
Michael J. Cash and Jacqueline D. Delaney-Cash
Steven M. '77 and Margaret W. Castorani
George M. Jr. '69 and Jean T. Chamberlain
Karen Hullings Church '79 and Thomas M. Church
Joseph Claricurzio '90 and Suzanne Shoop Claricurzio '91
Sharon Riggs Clothier '69
Nathan '63 '73M and Carolyn T. Cloud
Tara Finnegan Coates '92
Jane Graham Coley '67 and Stephen Coley
Maxine Lippman Colm '84EdD and Howard Colm
John M. Corbet '86
Christopher M. Coyne '88
Thomas F. Crompton '63
Brice W. Cropper '73 and Kathleen Cantara Cropper '73
Thomas S. Cross '73 and Frances Serba Cross '74
Barry A. Crozier '71 and Joan DiGiacobbe Crozier '71
David W. Curtis '87M and Donna Eaton Curtis '84M
Jeffery M. Czarnecki '82
J. Andrew Damico '86
Richard A. and Milena T. Davison
Barbara Lamberton Dawkins '60
John D. De Martini '73M
Thomas E. Jr. '82 and Robin G. Decker
Michael G. DeMatteis '78
Marsha A. and Scott D. Dickson
Alvin W. and Linda C. Dietz
Mary Mack DiSipio '78 and Basil A. DiSipio
Robert J. Jr. '50 and Alice W. Donaghy
William J. Donovan '96
Shawn R. Duff '08
Antoinette Gregory Eaton '69 '76M and Duane E. Eaton
Donald W. and Nancy S. Edwards
Steven M. and Rachel C. Eidelman
John R. Erbey II '93 and Kristin O'Malley Erbey '94
Andrea Everard
Richard J. '79 and Cynthia J. Fagan
Nelson T. and Natalie T. Ferreira
M. Andrew and Sandra M. Fields
Stephen P. Fitzpatrick '89 and Jill Brandt Fitzpatrick
Cynthia Campbell Flanagan '91
E. Patrick Flannery Jr. '91 and Angela Burkholder Flannery '90
James P. '98EdD and Paula M. Flynn
John V. Flynn Jr. '64 and Mary Lou Lobaccaro Flynn '64
Virginia White Frazier '56
William H. Jr. and Nancy G. Frederick
John J. and Jeanne S. Frett
Donald R. Jr. '88 and Kelly A. Gallagher
Alfred V. Gallo III '94 '00M and Jennifer Stearns Gallo '94
Cole and Heather E. Galloway
James B. and Helga U. Ganci
Alfonso E. '84 and Kathleen A. Garbayo
James M. Gardner
J. Ritchie and Carla J. Garrison
Jack Gelb Jr. '74 '76M and Rebecca Finch Gelb '76 '96M
Christine A. Giardini
Martha S. Gilman '74 and S. Gregory Smith
Judith Niggl Glass '75 and Billy P. Glass
Donald B. Godfrey '53 and Marie Thielman Godfrey
Mark B. Goldfus '68 and Beverly K. Rubman
Mark H. '50 and Alma O. Goldman
Peter J. and Elaisa S. Gosnell
Domenico and Susan H. Grasso
Nancy H. Gray
Starke J. and Elizabeth B. Gregory
Gary S. Griscom '90 and Rachel Celiberti-Griscom '91
Gerard T. and Linda T. Guntner
George C. and Voula Hadjipanayis
David C. '84 and Pamela A. Hamilton
Robert M. '61 '64M and June R. Hannah
Jonathan and Karen Harris
William H. '72 and Mary C. Hatter
Kathleen Vollmar Hawkins '89 and James F. Hawkins
Stacey Milkovics Hendrix '95 and Joshua P. Hendrix
Robert B. Hevert '82 and Kathleen Thomas Hevert '82
Donald S. and Judith T. Hicks
John W. Himes '66 and Diane Lewis Himes '66
Irvin N. '61 and Dorothy S. Hirshfield
Carol E. Hoffecker '60
William F. Sr. and Carolie C. Holden
Thomas O. Jr. and Donna M. Holland
Eldon d. and Elizabeth M. Homsey
Eunsil Hong
Robert D. '56 and Carolyn D. Hooper
Edward H. Horney '50 '69M and Maryvone Tassel Horney '75M
Christina J. Hudson
Robert H. and Virginia Hurt
Thomas H. Hutt '67
David Hutton '67 and Susan Deppert Hutton '67
Thomas W. Ilvento
Eric D. Jacobson '78 '81M
Jonathan A. Jacoby '00 and Julie Solomon Jacoby '00
Robert N. '70 and Lynda W. Jefferson
Joseph V. Jerkovich '62 and Janet Coote Jerkovich '63
Michael T. Johnson
Ramesh Kakarala '89
Yun H. Key
Yon Jun Kim and Yun Mi Hwang
Mark O. King '62 and Mary Bilek King '65
Sheldon J. and Brenda Kleiman
Dale M. '73 and Donna L. Kleppinger
Whitney A. Knopf '70 and Adele Finarelli Knopf '70
Daniel M. and Katherine Kristol
Lorna Hoehn Landis '64 and H. James Landis
Jeffrey E. Lang '84M and Karyn Devenney Lang '99
Thomas M. LaPenta '73 and Catherine Troup LaPenta '76
James R. Laser '69
Robert J. and Kathleen F. Laskowski
James W. and Marjorie J. Layman
Stephen R. Lesnik '85
Alan B. and Ellen K. Levin
Michele Einloth Liencres '83 and Bjorn Liencres
Penelope Stucker Lindell '68 '73M and Mary Weeks McDowell '76 '87M
David C. Lloyd '91
Robert D. Loewen '88
Kenneth M. Lomax '71M and Nancy Beltz Lomax '71
Shuoyi Lu
William D. Luzier '78 '84M and Betty Wilber Luzier '79
Marilyn K. Lynam-Jewett '67 and Alan T. Jewett
Joyce Townley Mackler '84 and Bradley P. Mackler
Richelle Sandmeyer Maestro '80
Charles M. Maloy '94
Kris C. Manning '98
Larry G. '80 and Pamela Mayewski
Mark J. and Sharon R. Mayr
S. James and Georgia Mazarakis
Bryan and Karen McCartney
Susan McGeary and Klaus H. Theopold
Douglas J. McHale '90
Jeffrey McLaughlin '84 and Kathleen Quinn McLaughlin '84
Sean P. McVey '92 and Jennifer Gatti McVey '92
William J. '81 and Kathleen G. Meany
Brian J. Merritt '95 and Cheryl Deeter Merritt '98
Kathryn French Mesaros '66 and Robert C. Mesaros
Krista A. Milkovics '93 '94
Lynne M. Milkovics
George H. Jr. '65 and Linda J. Miller
Karen Williams Miller '77 and Kurt A. Miller
Beth A. Mineo
Charles H. '45 and Cecilia K. Mitchell
John P. Mizzer '83PhD
Cheryl Yeager Moore '68 '74M and George W. Moore
Ryan E. Morgan '06 and Danielle Ferrara Morgan '07
James V. Jr. '88 and Suzanne S. Morris
Karen Medkeff Mraz '82
Richard G. Murphy '64 and Geraldine Mace Murphy '63
Lysbet Jenkins Murray '01M and Russell E. Murray Jr.
Richard B. and Clella B. Murray
Joan Smith Myer '71
Steven R. Myrick '77 and Linda Justice Myrick '77
Mary Laplante Nairn '90M and Dean C. Nairn
Mark J. Nelson '78
Richard F. Newman '65 and Joyce McLaughlin Newman '66
Carol A. Nigro '97M '09PhD and Charles T. Isaacs
Nancy McDiarmid Norling '81M '02M and Parry M. Norling
David M. '71 and Dorian B. Norstrom
Barbara M. Noseworthy
J. Matthew '94 and Rebecca S. O'Donnell
Renee G. O'Leary
Munish '04PhD and Anjala B. Pahwa
David W. '85 and Fiona K. Park
J. Robert '64 and Janet B. Parsons
Mary E. Payne '78 '80M
Gary N. Peterson '87
Frank S. Pettyjohn '56
James P. Popham '92 and Andrea Pielert-Popham '91 '96M
Lois D. Potter
Miles Jr. '50 and Jeanne P. Powell
Shannon E. Price '96
Arlette I. Rasmussen
Harold R. '65M and Diane E. Raymond
Randy J. '87 '93M and Ellen L. Redcay
L. Philip '58 and Sally Q. Reiss
Christopher M. Reith '89 '96M and Mary Weeks Reith '89
Mary P. Richards and Robert Netherland
Jane Morrow Rigg '79 and Jeffrey T. Rigg
Sanford L. and Kathryn I. Robbins
W. Eric '69 and Judith M. Roberson
Christopher J. Roberts '94
Richard G. Robinson '80 and Barbara Richter Robinson '80
Tobin Rockley
Alan and Barbara Sackman
Mark Sadock
Jeffery L. and Karen L. Sammons
Mary Hughes Sasowsky '72M and Norman Sasowsky
Dana Strandberg Sawyer '01M and John E. Sawyer
Kenneth C. '66 '74M and Geraldine D. Schilling
Elliot S. '70 and Phyllis I. Schreiber
Christine Lawson Schultz '00M '06EdD and David J. Schultz
Matthew T. Schwartz '01 and Felicia Kaye Schwartz '01
Andrea Stokes Scott '71 and H. Rodney Scott
Edward M. Scubelek '86
Carol Yandziak Seaman '73
Robert D. Selvaggio and Lisa R. Sammaritano
Dong H. Seo
George J. '72 and Maryann Sestak
Evelyn B. Seymour
Dorothy Engasser Sharkey '78 and Stuart J. Sharkey
Tracy Sullivan Sharma '91 and Raj Sharma
C. Frank Shaw III '66 and Meral Shaw-Savas
Harry W. Shenton III '82 '84M
Harry W. '59 and Maureen S. Sherman
Dong H. Shin and Jungyun Choi
Brenda L. Shivery
Lawrence G. '72 '73M and Sarah L. Silver
R. Joseph '69 and Barbara S. Siple
John M. '60 '62M and Marion D. Sirman
James P. Smigie and Katherine S. Ward
Floyd R. Smith III '74 and Diana Trimble Smith '74
Gary A. Smith '80 and Carol Mertes-Smith '74
Price K. Snyder '51
James A. Spearot '70M '72PhD and Rebecca Moore Spearot '71M
Margaretta K. Stabler
Frederick P. '64 '66M and Arlene Stecher
Frank A. Stevens '57
G. Mark Stofega Jr. '67 and Janet Fallow Stofega '67
Gary H. and Mary H. Stokes
Mary Walsh Suiter '89M and David J. Suiter
Xiaofei Sun '96M
H. Fletcher and Sally Y. Swanson
Margaret M. Taylor '89
Steven C. Taylor '78 and Carol McKee Taylor '78
Raymond and Sally M. Theilacker
Dawn M. Thompson
Lisa Sinning Tomko '86 and Richard P. Tomko
Zachary J. Tuthill '11 '12M
Rolf and Mary van de Kerkhof
Stephen N. Van Order and Anne H. Barney
Beth A. VanRyper '96
Donald C. Jr. '82 and Margaret O. Vavala '82
Brent E. '62 '65M and Nancy N. Walker
Michael A. '71 and Patricia D. Walsh
Kathleen O'Donnell Walton '70PhD
John P. Ward
Nicholas H. Warner '74
Robert A. Waters '82 and Mary Cecile Broussard Waters '82
Jack Weaver '62M '65PhD*
T. Bruce and Charlene H. Weaver
Marilyn B. Weber '71
Michael D. Wedlick '92 and Melanie Borsellino Wedlick '93
Sherry Leslie Wenger '77M '79PhD
Robert W. Whetzel '81 and Michele Davison Whetzel '84
Robert J. and Lois H. White
William F. and Ann Marie Willard
Allan R. Williams '66
Jay J. Williams '71
Mark T. '85 and Kym O. Williams
Harriet Nichols Windsor '79M '88EdD
Dennis M. Work '78
Hans H. and Edith Wormser
Robin Neuhauser Wray '80
Christian D. Wright '93 and Karen E. Lantz '99
Guangzhong Wu '88PhD and Jean J. Ding '87M
Andrea D. Youndt '87
John J. Zakreski '91
Michael J. Zankowsky '88 and Linda Stewart Zankowsky '83M '06EdD
Weian Zheng
Steven W. Zorrer '84 and Laura L. Fontana

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Contributor: $1,000 - $1,499

Karen F. Abate
Peter and Karen S. Abate
Mark E. and Merri M. Abels
Claudia M. Akroyd '75
Margaret A. Alderson '13
Bruce S. and Eve J. Aldred
Cara Covais Alexander '87
Kristina DeMars Alimard '92 and Babak Alimard
Adam F. Allan '94
Deborah E. Allen '83PhD and Richard S. Donham
Ronald R. Allen '77 and Denise DiSabatino-Allen '82
Melvin and Patty Alperin
David L. Ames
Christopher T. '93 and Teresa A. Anderson
Rick L. and Virginia E. Andrews
Gregory A. Antoine
Diane Zemboulis Anton '81 and Mark J. Anton II
Cristina L. Archer
Michael A. and Charlotte C. Arnold
Paul J. Arruda '70M and Susan Weiss Arruda '71M
Patrick M. and Ann B. Ashley
Brian F. '80PhD and Frances Atwater
Ramanna Avancha
Petras V. '59M '62PhD and Luida V. Avizonis '61M
Jeremie M. Axe '04
Michelle L. Axe '09
Carroll F. '70M and Linda A. Ayres
Linda A. Baer '64
Ben and Nancy P. Baffone
Vesselin V. Bakalov '99 and Tanya Sheigunova Bakalov '04
James P. Baker '91 and Deborah DeVoll Baker '90
Bernard and Helen S. Balick
JoAnn A. Balingit '08EdD and Fred T. Hofstetter
Mark H. and Roxann J. Bambach
Kai Bao '99M and Qian Xie '01PhD
Roy J. Jr. and Cheryl A. Baranello
Janine A. Barbacane '01
Adam N. and Kimberley D. Barish
S. Kurtz Barkley III '80
William B. Barlow '57 and Nancy Jones Barlow '58
William E. Barnette Jr. '75 '77M and Mary Sellinger Barnette '75
Craig R. and Barbara Barrett
Diane Graf Barrett '89 and Charles J. Barrett
Heather A. and Sean P. Barron
J. Kurt '82 and Debra M. Bartell '84
Doris Lerner Baumgarten '56M
Beverley V. Baxter '71M '76PhD
L. A. Baxter '77M
Paul D. Beatty '85 and Greta Geiger Beatty '89
Gregory A. '83 and Christina A. Beaudoin
Donald W. Becker '86M '07EdD
Thomas E. and Luann C. Becker
Thomas P. Jr. and Claudia S. Beebe
James J. III '61 and Corinne A. Behen
Scott A. '97 and Suzanna C. Behringer
William D. '64M and Jane D. Benfer
A. Judson Bennett '92 '12M
James F. Bennett '66 '68M and Margaret Lynch Bennett '69
Richard J. and Rita A. Bennett
Eric P. Beyeler '85M '87PhD and Sarah Bryan Beyeler '83 '94M
Nicholas M. Biasotto '69 and Tracey L. Bryant
Ann A. Biggs
Robert P. '50 and Sara T. Billingsley
Georgina M. Bissell
Richard A. Black '78 and Amelia Schechinger Black '80
Robert M. III '82 '84M and Rosemary B. Black
Thomas R. '86 and Jennifer A. Blanchfield
Karen M. Bloch '85 '97M '04PhD and D. Christopher Roe
Brent W. and Phoebe D. Blunden
Kenneth F. and Kathleen G. Boehl
Forrest A. Sr. and Virginia A. Boettcher
Richard A. and Luana Bogue
Joan R. Bolling
Charlotte Z. Borresen
Ken Boulden
Margaret Myers Boyd '69 and Richard R. Boyd
Beth Hein Brackett '86
Roy H. Brader '67 and Ruth Jennings Brader '70
Joseph W. Bradley '79 '87M and Charlene Wilson Bradley '74
Wilson J. Jr. and Mary C. Braun
Nancy W. and Mark D. Brickhouse
Diana S. and Kenneth B. Brinkley
D. Heyward and Patricia L. Brock
Ryan M. Brock '08
John C. '73 and Jane D. Brooks
George F. Broske II '70 and Janet Gardner Broske '87M
Blair G. Brown and Hanna S. Gerone
Claire D. Brown
Werner C. and Isabella T. Brown
Scott L. Brunner '80 and Helane Becker
Duane K. and Wanda B. Bryant
Lys M. Buck
Matthew R. '89 and Billie Jo Buckley
Charlene E. Bunnell '95PhD and Timothy E. Detwiler
Mark J. Burgess '80 and Laura Gates Burgess '80
Christopher L. Burket '02 and Heather Katen Burket '04
Ross W. Burnam '78 and Evelyn Cline Burnam '73
James O. Burri '51 and Nancy Newton Burri '53
Howard W. '70 and Deborah B. Burris
William S. Buskirk Jr. '94
Terrell W. Bynum '63
John M. Byrne '71 '73M '80PhD and Elizabeth Garey Byrne '73
Matthew J. Bystrowski '04
Devin J. Cahill '06 and Katherine Grabowski Cahill '07
Jinfa Cai and Ning Wang
Donald E. Cain '68 and Christine Lopata Cain
Jennifer M. Cain '02
William J. '75 and Karen R. Calhoun
Mark R. Cameron '70M and Nancy J. Wilson-Cameron
Cynthia Beideman Campanella '84 and John A. Campanella
Joseph F. '56 and Betty B. Campanella
John F. Campbell '67
W. Murray '50 and Mollie B. Campbell
David G. '86 '90M and Kaylin S. Cannon
John C. and Jean M. Cantlin
Christa L. Carberry '02
John B. Carberry '74M and M. Sandra Semon Carberry '86PhD
Raymond E. Card Jr. '06
David H. Carpenter '90
Laura Shafer Carpenter '95
Linda Carpenter
Robert R. Carpenter IV '86
William C. Carpenter Jr. '73 and Marilyn Weber Carpenter '87M
Gregory S. and Tara L. Carroll
Daniel D. Carson and Mary S. Farach-Carson
Dennis C. and Kimberly D. Carter
Salvatore R. Cascio Jr. '01 and Jacqueline Wadman Cascio '01
Anthony F. and Corinne G. Catalano
Lucinda C. Cattermole
Michael P. Cebrick Jr. '88 and Diana Clift Cebrick '90
James C. Cercy '58 and Mary Jo Anselm Cercy '58
George W. Chaloupka '54
T. Elbert Chance '52 '59M and Prudence Wyatt Chance '62
David R. Chang '73PhD
H. Perry Chapman
Bintong Chen
Srinivasarao Chitikela '96PhD
Walter '70 and Carol L. Christian
Christopher J. Christie '84 '11H and Mary Pat Foster Christie '85
Peter A. '67PhD and Millicent L. Christie
Anna P. Ciulla
Kenneth R. Clark '84 and Arden S. Blair
Craig R. Cleaver '98 and Meghan Kelly Cleaver '98
James T. and Patricia C. Clifford
Peter J. Cloud '65 and Marcia Maucher Cloud '64 '76M
Thomas B. and Linda M. Cloud
Paula J. Cobb
Stacy S. and Lydia M. Cohen
Arthur W. Colbourn '69
Stephen H. '64 and Cathy H. Cole
Suzanne Kline Collins '95EdD
Scott M. Conley '07 and Abigail Steel Conley '04
Karen C. Conlin '78
Mary-Beth Buckley Cooper '83 and David Cooper
David T. Corbishley '77
Arthur J. Coury '62 and M. Judith Howie
Margaret Loew Craft '77M
Charles D. and Rosemary M. Crawford
John H. and Jane B. Criss
Todd '95 and Christy L. Crkvenac
Jonathan M. Crook '05 and Alison McCracken Crook '05
Thomas S. Cross Jr. '02 and Michelle Marcus Cross '02
Timothy R. Crowley '07 '08M
Neil H. and Elizabeth Cullen
David G. Culley '79 and Tania Vitcusky Culley '90
Donna L. Culver '88 and David A. Smith
George T. and Patricia K. Cunningham
Joseph A. D'Agostino '07
Veronica Sayers Darby '05
Lynn A. Davis
Chester M. Jr. and Deena V. Day
James M. and Jenny Dean
Marla Gross Dean '82 and David L. Dean
Judith Lynch DeAngelis '61
Lewis P. DeAngelis Jr. '88 and Kristine Chamberlain-DeAngelis '88
Mark A. Sr. '81 '83M and Katherine H. Degli Obizzi
Thomas F. Jr. '77PhD and Anne R. Degnan
William B. '05H and Vermell DeLauder
V. James DeLeo '67 and Jean Thomas DeLeo '67 '74M
Frederick J. and Kristen L. DeMicco
Carolyn Wills Diehl '94M and Robert A. Diehl
R. Bertrum Jr. '80M '99PhD and Elizabeth E. Diemer
Leonard L. Jr. and Mecedes L. DiNunzio
Anthony D. DiPilla '02
Richard P. DiSabatino Jr. '79 and Christine DiGiamber DiSabatino '82
Roseanne DiSanto '83 and Stephen W. Starnes Sr.
Ana I. Dittel '80M '90PhD and David L. Kirchman
George J. and Agatha Diver
Laura B. DiVincenzo
Dolores Lloyd Dixon '57 and William E. Dixon
Margaret Santopietro Doherty '93 and Vincent J. Doherty
Matthew W. '81 and Mary C. Douthit
Thomas W. '77 and Donna J. Downham
Barbara Smedley Duch '81 '84M and Michael W. Duch
Leslie and Barbara Dukart
Steven D. Duncan '93
Donald W. and Antionette C. Durandetta
Michael R. and Carol L. Dutton
Jill H. Eastep
Robert P. '88 and Roseanne A. Ebert
Christina Taylor Edwards '01 and David Edwards
Dawn M. Elliott
G. Joachim and Martha S. Elterich
Julia Ludwig Emerson '87
R. Eric '84 and Angela L. Emrich
Laure B. Ergin
James A. Erisman '63 and Jane Sarius Erisman '64
John R. and Denise Ernest
James L. and Rosemary E. Eubanks
Tracey L. Evans '92 and Scott Dessain
James W. Everett '71 and Kathleen Gliwa Everett '74M
Richard T. Faull
John M. Fehrenbach '74
Mark S. and Sherri Feinour
Ralph P. and Annette D. Ferretti
Michael S. Ferris '99
Carlton C. Fifer '62 and Barbara Starzmann Fifer '62
Paul R. '60 and Gloria S. Fine
Joanna and Bruce A. Fink
Kevin J. Fiori '86
Joseph H. Fisher '66 and Linda L. Luchs
Robert D. Fleck Jr. '69 and Mildred Williams Fleck '76
John M. Fletcher Jr. '63 and Anne Tavani Fletcher '64
Joseph F. Flickinger III '71
James E. Flynn Sr. '55
Amy Greenwald Foley '13EdD and Robert D. Foley
Thomas J. and Deborah E. Foley
Victoria Mekler Folmar '88 and Daniel J. Folmar
Daniel J. Ford Sr. '55 and Jo Anne Reeger Ford '56
David J. Ford '84 and Patricia L. Hoffman '82
Nelson M. '73M and Cecilia S. Ford
Timothy Ford
Cynthia Woerner Foresman '69 and Wayne M. Foresman
G. Carleton Foster II '86 and Kathy Riley Foster '88
Neil W. Fowser '59 and M. Ann Foard Fowser '58
Stephanie A. Fox '88
Mary Jane M. Francis
Perri B. Freeman '93
Deborah Chalmers Freerksen '84PhD
Gerard J. Frenze
Hugh and Sian W. Frick
Gerald G. '73 and Susan B. Friedel
Charles J. Gallagher Jr. '90
William E. Gamgort '04
Richard J. '87 and Shelley B. Gannon
Mary Alice Garber
Kailash C. '73M and Alpana Garg
Guido A. Garosi '62
Peter C. Gatto
Michael J. Gavron '76 and Catherine Reed Gavron '77
Laurie Gayda
Carlton R. Gebauer Jr. '82PhD and Thuy Nguyen
Robert P. Gendron '72
Robert L. '60 and Karen N. George
Eva Pierorazio Geracimos '99 and Ryan T. Geracimos
Dean N. '82 and Minda G. Gerber
M. Dina Giambi
Richard F. and Dale S. Gianni
Alan J. Gilbert '85 and Sarah R. Chanin
Dean S. Gilchrist '68
Michael P. Gillespie
Michael J. Gioffre '86
Eric T. Go '96 and Diane Slaski Go '95 '96M
Ronald H. Goddard '75 and Catherine Converse Goddard '75
Ellen M. Goering '78
Ross O. Goldberg and Ann Bassett
Alan L. '59 and Devara F. Goodman
Brian K. Grafton '00 and Heather Hartline-Grafton '99
Donald J. Graulich '64 and Maryann Olivere Graulich '66
G. Dallas Green '56 and Sylvia Taylor Green '60 '72M
Michael P. Green '70 '74M and Mary Katherine Peebles Green '70
John T. '77 and Susan S. Greenplate
James G. Gregg '65 and Marie Chelly Gregg '65
Christopher J. Gregory '89 and Maria Gianuzzi Gregory '89
Albert W. Griffin '82M
Therese A. Gruber '77M
Thomas G. '89 and Suzanne B. Guerin
Robert H. Guller '84
Elizabeth Nace Gumprecht '64 '68M and William H. Gumprecht
Bruce F. Gundaker '74
Stuart O. Gunter
Christopher J. '84 and Anna R. Guttilla
Jose A. and Katherine C. Guzman
Mary Hastings Hager '71 and Douglas F. Hager
Kerry Orendorf Halbedl '02 and James A. Halbedl
Ryan M. Haley '06
Ralph H. III '75 '79M and Norma Hall
Susan J. Hall
Daniel G. '99 and Jennifer F. Hammer
Robert L. Hampel
Lisa Hancock-Rehrig '91
James M. and Lynne A. Handanyan
Keith A. Handling '70 '81 and Linda Getz Handling '69 '73M
Thomas P. '87 and Cheryl L. Hannan
Jay W. Harford '57 and Janet Snyder Harford '60
Richard W. Harra '80 and Amy Wadman Harra '83
William R. Harrison Jr. '79 and Barbara Shaw Harrison '80
William T. Hassler and Mary G. Sprague
Steven E. Hastings '72 and Jeanne McCaulley Walter-Hastings '72
Emmanuel D. Hatzakis and Parashqevi Babi
Richard A. Hauge '77 and Peggy Gordon Bradley '76
John L. Jr. '69 and Judy M. Haverstick
Virginia L. Hayes
Ronald C. Headley '60 '63M
Gary A. '80 and Lisa M. Hecht
Clyde A. '64 and Shirley Heintzelman
John M. Heinzel '02 and Cari Loveland Heinzel '04
Edward J. Helenski '91 and Susan Bieber Helenski '91
Karren Helsel-Spry
Andrew T. Hill '96 '97M '03PhD
Jonathan A. and Megumi K. Hill
Cathy Valliant Hill '66 and Thomas E. Hill
Thomas and Terri Hirschmann
Mary Ann Hitchens '67 '71M
Nicholas J. Hoeschel '09 and Amy J. Siedlecki '13
Jean Leonard Hoff '57 and Thomas W. Hoff
Saul D. Hoffman and Susan L. Parker
Lars R. Hoidal '51 and Otilia Arce-Salinas Hoidal '79 '85M
Martyn E. and Amy Holland
Seung Lee Hong '87PhD and Seungwon Hong
Douglas D. '71 and Phyllis L. Hopper
James P. Horgan '81 and Anne M. Gaffney '82PhD
Nancy Horisk-Sherr '98 and Scott J. Sherr
Robert B. Horne '55 and Marilyn Smith Horne '55
Thomas W. Horne '88 and Jennifer Eby Horne '92
Elizabeth Exline Horstman '81 '84 and Robert W. Horstman
Garrett S. '64 and Elizabeth B. Horton
James A. Jr. '68M and Norma Horty
Suzan Egeli House '97 and John C. House
Bryan L. Hudson '96
Charles R. Jr. '97 '06M and Rebecca S. Hudson
Samantha K. Huge
Madeline E. Hughes '13
Gilbert L. Huppert '87
Lawrence L. Hurd '76 and Rita Pesce-Hollingsworth '82
Irvin H. and Janet L. Hurwitz
Frank S. II '58 and Jane G. Hyer
William G. Sr. and Vera C. Hyncik
G. Brinton '62 and Lynne D. Ingram
William H. Iredale '65 and Kay Reeser Iredale '65
Susanne Phillips Isaacs '49
Edward C. Jackson '83 and Ruth Gregory Jackson '83
Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore '88
Jerilyn Jacobs '83
Marion Antiles Jacobs '92M and Jack B. Jacobs
Carl W. Jacobson '72 and Lynn Hill Jacobson '76
Bernard W. '53 '55M and Carol Janicki
T. Noble Jarrell III '67 and Christine Morris Jarrell '75
John F. Jebb III '90PhD
Douglas C. '76 and Anna B. Jennings
Charles E. '73 and Constance T. Joanedis
Dean Y. Johnson '03
William B. and Karen S. Johnson
Murray V. III and Heather Johnston
Robert P. '59 and Barbara W. Jones
Robert S. '96M and Deborah J. Jones
Scott K. and Bettina C. Jones
Terri E. Jones '99
William H. Jr. '59PhD and Anna B. Jones
Heather L. Jordan '84
Shirley C. Jupiter '88
Samuel R. Kalb '94
Victor R. and Denise D. Kalman
John E. and Theresa Kane
Vistasp M. Karbhari '91PhD and Lisa Cunha Karbhari '90
James F. Jr. '77 and Linda W. Kearns
Constance Curfman Keating '55 and Kenneth B. Keating
Carol L. Keefer '81PhD
Jacqueline Betts Keen '66
Justin L. Kellerman '07
Barbara J. Kelly '71PhD and Ann R. McNeil '82M '91EdD
Carolyn Cochrane Kent-Hale '66M and John R. Hale
Theodore L. Kent '00 and Kelly Funk Kent '97
Michael D. Keogh '73 and Kathleen Desmond Keogh '72
Katharine Carter Kerrane '97M and Kevin J. Kerrane
Arleen Rossi Kerrigan '70 and Robert J. Kerrigan
Joan Kilker Kershaw '03 and Justin A. Kershaw
Brian J. King '09
Tim B. and Judith A. King PhD
Matthew J. Kinservik and Mara P. Gorman
Thomas E. Kirch '66 and Susan Sterk-Kirch
Douglas W. Kirk
Robert A. and Jeanne M. Kirk
Alan J. Kirshenbaum
Kenneth '73 and Carol D. Klein
Lothar W. '72M and Donna H. Kleiner
Sheryl F. Kline
Kent S. '78M '80PhD and Pamela K. Knaebel
Donald L. '52 and Joe Ann Knauss '07
W. Robert Knechel '77 and Anna Blakova
Kathleen M. Koenig
Richard T. and Linda A. Koffenberger
James S. Korman '89
Russell J. Koveal Jr. '74
Michael J. and Hannah G. Koziski
John C. Kraft
Gregory J. and Barbara Krapf
Gerald C. Kratz '67
Howard G. and Rochelle H. Kristol
Lorin R. '54 and Betty K. Krusberg
Joseph A. Kuhn III '69 and Virginia Fissmer Kuhn '69
Gerhard F. Kuska '88 '05PhD
Jason L. '98 '01M and Jennifer K. Kyler '02
John K. Landis '65 '69M
Karen Ersek Landis '88 and James D. Landis
Ross M. Jr. '58 and Mary G. Lanius
Eric G. Lapham '84 '87M and Janet Calderhead Lapham '84
William J. and Vicki S. Lario
Matthew H. Larkin '08
Tor F. Larson '85 and Heidi Wellmann Larson '87
William R. Latham III and Helen Bowers
Gregory F. Lavelle '87 and Ruth Knapp Lavelle '87 '97M
Martha L. Laverty
John T. and Michele C. Lawless
Gloria Wojtanowski Lawrence '78 and William H. Lawrence
Ryan J. Lawrence '09 and Sarah Pierson Lawrence '09
Joseph T. III '76 and Donna E. Laws
Shannon M. Leary '06
Leon E. '85 '86 and Maribeth S. LeBreton
Rachel Jewett Ledbetter '44
Earl E. Lee II
Ilsoon Lee '98M '00PhD and Jue Lu
Susan B. Lee '72 and Don LaHaye
Larry W. Lester '80
David G. Levandoski
Gary M. '75 and Carol S. Levin
Richard D. '67 and Marilyn H. Levin
C. Jackson '50 and Sally Lee H. Levis
Don H. Lewis '54*
Elfreda V. Lewis
J. Russell Lewis '05 '07M
Jean Jamieson Lewis '51
Linda Rowe Lewis '73 '80M '08M and Jerome R. Lewis
Charles G. '67 '68M '71PhD and Cathy F. Lineberry
Charles R. and Marianne T. Link
James C. and Elizabeth C. Linville
Kateri C. Linville '03
Mark L. Lipson '70 '72M and Ellen Arnow Lipson '71
Jun Liu '02M and Yingjie Wang Zhang '03M
Jennifer Liu-Cooper
Robert A. Locke '68 '71M
Arno III '64 '70M and Mary K. Loessner
Ryan C. Loller '07
William H. Lotter Jr. '56
Frederick G. and Minette A. Lubker
Charles M. and Karen E. Luck
Robert N. Lundquist '81 and Susan Hume Lundquist '81
George W. III and Betty J. Luther
Jama Allegretto Lynch '87 '90M
Tao Lyu and Min Ding
G. Greer MacMasters Jr. '58
Janet Hauser Madigan '73 and Robert H. Madigan
Mokshay M. and Marylea Madiman
David J. Maguigan '70 '76M and Jane Mayberry Maguigan '75
James G. Maloney Jr. '57 and Shirley Collings Maloney
Robert K. and Susan Maloney
Kurt T. Manal '98PhD and Tara Beckerer Manal '91 '93M
Jane P. Maroney
Cynthia Primo Martin '69 '71M and Joshua W. Martin III
George R. '77M and Jennifer K. Martin
Jon P. '82 '84M and M. Megan Allen Martin
Roger A. Martin '61 '72M and Adelaide Naylor Martin '60 '78M
W. Cotton '78 and Janey B. Mather
Angelo L. Maurelli
Henry L. Maxwell Jr. '75 and Marie V. Spagnoli
Bernd Mayer
David K. Mayer '73
Ruth A. Mayer '71
Neil G. McAneny '66 and Bessie Davis McAneny '84M
Vincent J. '86 and Michelle McBride
John S. and Linda W. McCleary
Robert C. and Elizabeth B. McCoy
Kevin '84 and Chryl R. McCreesh
Nancy S. McCurdy
Jane Lynam McCurry '43
Joseph S. III and Carey C. McDaniel
Christopher W. McElwee '12
Michael F. McGrath '73M and Linda Derr McGrath '77
Carol Whitmarsh McKelvey '66 '69M '80M and James S. McKelvey
Dawn Krajewski McKersie '85 and Alan McKersie
Richard J. McMahon '74 and Cheryl Workman McMahon '74
Dorothy Liddell McThenia '58
Patricia Davis Mercer '71 and Thomas B. Mercer
Dennis R. Mertz and Madelyn Jablon
John E. Messick Jr. '93 and Jodi Sykes Messick '04M
Hannah M. Messner '05 '07M
R. Blair Messner '74 and Grace Elliott Messner '68
Gail Kauffman Meucci '59
David J. and Valerie Meyers
Harry D. Michener Jr. '51
Robert W. Midgley '07 and Michelle Stephens Midgley '08
Perry L. Mikles '90 '01M and Kathleen Malone Mikles '88
William H. Miles '79 and Patricia M. Smiley
Douglas C. and Maureen S. Miller
Margo McDonald Miller '74 '99M and Richard B. Miller II
Michael and Edith R. Miller
Richard A. Miller Jr. '72
Robert B. and Tina P. Miller
Tricia Hanby Miller '95 '02M and Kenneth P. Miller
Phillip Mink and Ann L. Ardis
Sandra Stanko Mishic '00M and Scott M. Mishic
Mark L. and Karen J. Mitchell
Richard C. Mitchell Jr.
Frederick K. and Mary F. Molen
Sara Swing Monigle '48
Ellen Fischer Monk '88M and Peter B. Monk
G. Frank '49 and Helen H. Moore
Ronald C. Moore Jr. '91
Wilbert G. Jr. and Shirley Moore
Calvert A. Morgan Jr. '70 and Gaye Webb Morgan
Jodie Kuchler Morgan '85
Robin W. Morgan and James R. Damewood Jr.
David R. and Laura M. Morris
Henry F. '53 and Elizabeth M. Morris
Ludwig Mosberg
A. Harris '58 and Margie S. Mosher
Jason A. Motta '01 and Christine Koren Motta '00 '06M
Janet Moulder
Richard S. '83 and Lynne A. Mroz
John W. Mucha '77 and Doris Reider Mucha '77
Kenneth L. and Catherine S. Mulholland
Thomas W. Mulrooney Jr. '54 and Mary Bice Mulrooney '53
Tracy Mark Mulveny '64
John J. Jr. '73 and Paula J. Murray
Martha Meaney Murray '87
Thomas R. '59 and Penelope P. Murray
Thomas R. '75 and Elizabeth A. Murray
Ellwood W. Jr. and Sharon Mutschler
Melissa R. Hansen '89
Marilyn Cook Neibart '59 '63M
Joan Cantwell Neikirk '62 and Harold D. Neikirk
Shirley R. Nelson
Stephen C. and Jane S. Nelson
Joseph Nemecz III '81 and Nancy L. Karibjanian '80
George A. Nemes '80 and Lauren McCracken Nemes '83
Dana L. Newswanger '86
Franklin A. Newton '10EdD
David L. '69 and Connie L. Neylan
Frank H. Nickel Jr. '55
Nancy L. Niemann '74
Christopher P. Nilo '79
Gary S. '82 and Dana M. Nitsche
Barry J. '85M and Jean S. Niziolek
Constance Bakke Noble '79 and George Noble
Stephen D. Norman '09
Tracy B. Norris
Charles M. Oberly III
Rory J. O'Boyle '10
Karen Oller O'Brien '90
Edward J. and Carol J. O'Donnell
Jessica E. O'Dwyer '80 and Timothy G. Berger
Lynn Okagaki
Harry A. and Janet I. Oken
James C. O'Leary '04
James K. and Carol Oliver
Mark A. Oller '94M
Jon H. and Nancy H. Olson
Daniel E. Oman '76 and Debra Masters Oman '77
Joyce Ryan Orth '80 and Walter H. Orth Jr.
Ben M. Jr. and Carol M. Osbun
John F. Osoinach '89M '02EdD and Linda Brod Osoinach '90M '05EdD
Richard C. and Nancy K. Ostroff
Cordell M. and Lynnette Y. Overby
Thomas R. '55 and Anne M. Oves
Barbara Jenkinson Owens '58
Carol Irwin Owens '90
Mark A. Palladinetti*
Sandra B. Palladinetti
Douglas A. Palma '91 and Raquel Roberts Palma '90
Jeffrey L. Palmer '77 '91M and Laurie Acton Palmer '77 '88 '94M '06EdD
Thomas C. '69 and Barbara V. Palmer
Joseph W. and Susan A. Pantuliano
Samuel S. Park Jr. '71 '77M
Elliot S. '66 and Karen W. Parkin
Maryanne Marchesani Parsons '82 and Leo D. Parsons
Jeffrey M. '92M and Jil Patterson
John E. Patton '77
Patricia Metzler Paulk '57 and James D. Paulk Jr.
James S. Pawloski '84 and Barbara Weaver Pawloski '84
Phil and Janice Payne
William L. Jr. '60 and Mary O. Payne
Janice L. Pehrson '67 and Kristyan Panzica
Christopher D. and Mary E. Perna
A. Lee Jr. '49 and Dorothy P. Perry
Roy C. Perry '77
Elizabeth M. Perse and Jeffrey A. Bergstrom
Timothy W. Peters '70 and Lynn Wertz Peters '70
Joseph P. Petito and Annette L. Galassi
Kevin L. Petrasic '81
Donald '66 and Mary K. Petroski
Matthew J. Pfaeffli '08
Michael D. Phillips '07
Irene Phillips-Raisis '79 and Leo W. Raisis
John M. Pichola '10
David C. '74 and Diane A. Pierce
Sandra M. Pike
Catherine A. Pivowar '74
David B. and Barbara Pong
John W. Ponton Jr. '52
James H. '72 and Mary W. Poole
Joseph '86 and Amy J. Portale
James L. '92 '99M and Dea Poston
Larry R. '64 '69M and Jean K. Pratt
John Prust and Karen A. Swiderski
Paul A. III and Kathleen L. Pusecker
William R. Pyle '69M
John F. and Phyllis A. Rabolt
Alice Rakowski '75 '80M
Gary F. and Margo J. Ramage
Natalie D. Ramsey '81 and Richard L. Scheff
Thomas H. Ramsey
Stephen P. and Petra L. Rash
Robert L. and Kathryn A. Rauch
Elmer E. Read III '72 '75M and Elizabeth Goddin Read '69 '71M
Allan J. Redden '71 and Eileen Pancoast Redden '71 '76M
Robert N. '80 and Ellen E. Reed
Kathleen Regan '87
Veronica Rempusheski
James W. '85 and Michele D. Renaud
Patrick N. Renaud '61 and Jeannette Newsome Renaud '63
Anthony J. Renzette '91 and Elizabeth Appel Renzette '91 '94M
Mary-Elizabeth Hawke Rhoads '62 and Joseph Rhoads Jr.
Robert L. Richards Jr. '50 and Joyce Hilty Richards '51
Keith D. Riggin
Carl J. Riley '82
Edward O. Riley '59
Patricia A. Riley
Robbin Marvel Riley '84 and Patrick C. Riley
Kathryn Rinnier
John H. '80 and Elke K. Rittenhouse
Ronald L. Ritter '75 and Joanne Donnarumma Ritter '75
Ariel P. Roach '11
Alan L. Robb '69 and Bonnie Arden Robb '69 '72M
Breck L. Robinson '88M and Janelle VonBargen
Dale W. Robinson '85 and Elizabeth Gray Robinson '85
Norman R. and Marie A. Robinson
Peter M. Robinson '77 and Kristin Swenson Robinson '77
John D. Rodgers '59 and Leah Coverdale Rodgers '61
Thomas A. Rogers '64 and Elissa Panaro Rogers '66
Charles C. '70 and Jane E. Roop
Carol S. Rothschild
Charles A. and Eugenia D. Rowe
Robert M. Rudd '02M
Donna Wilkins Russell '67 and Kenneth A. Russell
John G. and Clara M. Rust
Thomas L. and Nancy P. Sager
Diane Lease Sammelwitz '53 and Paul H. Sammelwitz
Robert W. and Jacquelyn Sample
Paul C. and Antoinette C. Santucci
B. David and Nancy M. Saunders
B. Karl Saydlowski Jr. '88
J. Gifford Jr. '68M and Patricia C. Scarborough
J. Matthew Scarborough '96 '97M and Melissa Bailey Scarborough '03M
Mervin G. '73 and Patricia C. Schaefer
Ami R. Schiess '97
Gary W. Schmelz '64M '70PhD and Bernice Davies Schmelz '69M
Carl Schnee '00M and Doris Sortman Schnee '81
Richard W. '86PhD and Jaime Schneider
Betty Howe Schonauer '62
Thomas D. Schonauer '62*
Karen N. Schramm '91PhD
Kristopher P. Schroeder '00 and Tracey Bremer Schroeder '00
Craig A. Schulte '96 and Melissa Locke Schulte '96
Robert L. Schweitzer '73M*
Edward E. and Joy B. Schweizer
Joan Sciorra
Arthur D. Seibel
Collins J. Seitz Jr. '80 and Gail Brandenberger Murray-Seitz '72 '81M
John S. Seitz '70 and Nancy Conn Seitz '70
Douglas C. Semonche and Sunny D. Choi
Brenda Hudson Shaffer '85 '01M and Denis P. Shaffer
David P. Shapiro
Kevin C. Shegog '89 and Charlotte Lafferty Shegog '90
Alexandra Gawel Shekita '68
Robert M. and Betty W. Shellenbarger
Norman H. Shelly III '07
James E. Shelton '57 and Joan Stephens Shelton
Donald W. Shenkle '80 and Cynthia Wright Shenkle '94 '97M
Kenneth L. '73 and Nancy J. Shugart
Thomas F. '06 and Stephanie A. Shumosic
Karen Kerwick Sicilia '88 and Domenick B. Sicilia
Jeffrey J. and Sharon A. Siirola
Lauren Murray Simione '95
Gilbert III and Alison R. Simonetti
Ralph W. '73 and Mary T. Simpers
George B. Simpson '54 and Paula Turek Simpson '58
Jean Fracassi Simpson '62 '81M
Robert J. '72 and Angela A. Singley
Dev and Nayana Sitaram
Barbara Bartos Sloyer '07
James W. Smack '66 and Christina Osterlund Smack '66
David H. Smith '84 '87M and Yuping Li
Donald K. and Joanne M. Smith
Duane H. '81 '84M and Molly E. Smith
E. Franklin III '69 and Robin W. Smith
Gary F. Smith Jr. '93 '01M and Tamara Legutko Smith '94 '00M
George S. and Pamela J. Smith
Janet A. Smith '95EdD
Craig G. Smucker '89
O. Sue Snider
Bayard J. and Joan P. Snyder
Joan P. Snyder '78 and Philip S. VanDerWeele
Larry D. and Christine G. Snyder
Ernest C. Jr. '65 and Patty E. Soffronoff
Linda Cook Somers '87 and Brian C. Somers
Liz A. Sonders '86
Allison Maul Spaccasi '88
Eva A. Sparacio
Stefanie M. Spatola '06
Betty '77M and Edwin J. Sprague
Monte T. Squire '95 and Andrea Everett Squire '95
W. Laird III and Wendie C. Stabler
Mary Ellen McNutt Stachnik '74 and Robert V. Stachnik
Francis G. Stakem '82PhD and Kathleen A. Chaconas
Adrian L. Jr. and Karen L. Steel
Beverly Pepper Steen '63 and G. Marvin Steen
Ingrid Steffensen-Bruce '94PhD and Jeffrey B. Bruce
Edward J. Stegemeier Jr. '66 and Mary E. Schauber '80
David F. Stern '97
Robert L. Stevenson Jr. '86 and Donna Nugent Stevenson '86
Mark S. Stewart '78 and Mary G. Scanlon
Karen A. Stout '82 '95EdD
Robert L. and Christine Straight
Mary J. Strattner-Gregory
Richard K. and Sharon M. Struthers
Terry L. Stuchlik '76 and Kelly Carmine Stuchlik '76
Linda Cates Stull '83 and Mark G. Stull
Peter F. Subach '90 and Christine McMahon Subach '90
John R. Suchanec '68 and Reid Smith Suchanec '66 '81M
Kerrie M. Sullivan '94
Karen Bailey Sunkler '84
John J. Swain '73
Richard D. Swope '60 '62M '66PhD
Stephen F. Sylvia '90
Robert J. and Judith D. Taggart
Jing Tang '12M
Virginia Greene Tannenbaum '62
John H. and Linda S. Taylor
Thomas S. Taylor '85
Vernon L. Sr. and Michelle M. Taylor
William M. Taylor '85
Susan Puckett Terranova '86 and Timothy M. Terranova
LaVerne Terry '77 '06EdD
Benjamin A. Thoma '04 and Danielle Geraci Thoma '04
George E. Thomas Jr. '81 and Vivian Bonfanti Thomas '70
Joan Gracey Thomas '89M and Richard N. Thomas
James Thompson and Jean Swanson
Robert M. Jr. '81 and Barbara Thompson
Jeffrey D. Thornsen '06
Russell J. and Bridget K. Tibbetts
Harold E. Tiffany III '67 and Elizabeth Sinclair Tiffany '68 '97M
Jeffrey R. Tigani '79
Walter C. Timm '57
Eugenia R. Timmer
Jack D. Tinkler '61M '63PhD and Pleasants Peirce Tinkler '62
Kathleen J. Tinney
Jean-Francois and Dalal Tomb
Peter S. Tong '63
Lowell H. '67 and Mary Lou E. Tonnessen
H. Wesley Towers Jr. '64 and Saralee Webb Towers '65
Charles P. Jr. and Mary Jane Townsend
Richard H. Treml
Daniel J. Tripodi '60 '63M and Sharon Hunsicker Tripodi '63
Jane Martin Tripp '75M and Marenes R. Tripp
Joseph A. Trotter Jr.
Nicholas W. '12 and Christen A. Troup
Daniel G. Trout '92
Howard W. '71 and Jill B. Trout
Eduardo J. and Brenda L. Trujillo
Daniel D. Sr. '87 and Teresa K. Truono
Heather Zrebiec Uberti '97 and Justin R. Uberti
Krista Flewelling Urbaniak '95
Maria Valdes-Horstmann '84 and Erich T. Horstmann
Lawrence R. Valencourt '70
Peter G. Van Bemmel '86 and Karen Odenweller Van Bemmel '86
Robert T. Van Ness '50
Barbara Price Vann '65 '74M and William A. Vann III
Margaret Moore Varshock '62
Nuggehalli C. Vasuki '63M
Michael L. and Cheryl M. Vaughan
Alex J. and Deborah K. Vaughn
Victor A. Ventresca '75 and JoAnna Barnes Ventresca
William E. Vergantino Jr. '92
Barbara L. Viera
Adam G. Vitale '01
Elizabeth M. von Frankenberg
William J. '73 and Barbara J. Wade
B. A. Wadsworth '08
William B. III '62 and Allyn A. Wagamon
James W. Wagner '75 and Debbie Kelley Wagner '76
Michele Dorsey Walfred '07
Joseph A. Jr. '71 and Cynthia E. Walkowski
Joseph M. Walsh III '84 and Deirdre Fulham Walsh '93M
Nancy T. Walton
Lian-Ping and Yalien Wang
Leland and Melva L. Ware
Richard H. and Betty Warner
Debra Emmert Warrington '76 and Alan D. Warrington
Linda H. Weaver
Todd R. Weaver '87
George A. Webber '58
Heath A. and Emily P. Weems
Heather L. Weidner
Daniel M. '98 and Stephanie R. Weingarten
Fred '58 and Arleen W. Weinstein
Paula Larson Weir '82M and Robert L. Weir
David Wells
Ronald H. Wenger*
T. Liam Wertheimer '00
William G. Wertz '79 '81
Philip C. Wescott
Frederick G. III '86 and Donna L. West
Clinton E. Jr. and Joan White
James M. White '68M and Anne Goddin White '65 '67M
Marsha Banks White '91 and Christopher A. White
R. Bruce White Jr. '87 and Ryan Zinn White '00
Robert C. White '02
Frank A. Wickes '64
Joseph T. and Sameera Wilders
Julie Mapes Wilgen and Michael C. Wilgen
Charles E. Williams II '75 and Donna Cieniewicz Williams '75 '98M
Darryl S. Williams '89
Helen Garrett Williams '92M
Susan Tyson Williams '04 '10M and Thomas W. Williams
Shirley M. Williamson '79 '83M
Andrew J. Willis
Gen Cameron Wilson '77 '84M and Mark S. Wilson
Lynn Dockety Wilson '63 and Robert A. Wilson
Marcus D. and Diana K. Wilson
William L. Witham Jr. '70 and Donna Dunning Witham '70
Richard J. '89 and Jocelyn S. Witt
Robert S. Wojewodzki '70 and Catherine Willis Wojewodzki '70 '97M
Dale E. and Clarice E. Wolf
Martin W. '78 '83M and Elaine Wollaston
Jeffrey R. Wolters '88 and Karen Wallace Wolters '88
Francis A. Wood
J. Alan Woodruff '57 and Grace Evans Woodruff '57
Geoffrey L. Woolery '78
Pamela L. Worrall '67
James D. '66 and Christine U. Wright
Matthew G. '01 and Shelley K. Wynocker
John Q. Xiao and Jianrong Lin
Lina Yanni
Lisa Voshell Yerkes '82 '90M and Scott P. Yerkes
Jeff Yetter '07 and Carol Macaulay Yetter '74
Randolph S. Young III '69 and Pamela Smith Young '70
Mary L. Zagar
Eric and Kim Zanin
John P. Zembruski '00 and Victoria L. Melcher '01
Stacy Shulley Ziegler '94 '96M and Warren K. Ziegler
Robert A. Zuckerman
Paula Jolly Zusi '82
Marc J. Zwillinger and Kirsten J. Chadwick

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