The following are the common University Scholarships that are evaluated when students are offered admission at the University of Delaware.

Merit Scholarships

Freshman applicants who are outstanding academically may be eligible for academic scholarships awarded solely on the basis of merit without regard to financial need. All freshman applicants whose applications for Fall admission are complete by January 15 of the admission cycle are automatically reviewed for academic scholarships. A complete application includes the UD Application for Admission (or the Common Application and Supplement, which we also gladly accept), an official high school transcript and Secondary School Report, a letter of recommendation, and officially reported SAT-Reasoning or ACT scores with Writing. Unless requested, you do not need to send us additional information or a separate application.

Scholarship amounts typically range from $1,000 per year for four years all the way up to full scholarships (known as the Eugene DuPont Memorial Distinguished Scholar Awards, 10-12 full scholarships, including tuition, room & board, and books). The average scholarship award for first-time full-time freshman is approximately $6,000.

There is no set of "numbers" (SAT/ACT scores, GPA, class rank) that will guarantee a scholarship or scholarship amount. Rather, we look at the whole of a student's record, especially the rigor of the course selection in high school and the trend in grades from freshman to senior year. Most scholarship winners will be in the top 10% of their high school graduating class, with many in the top 5%; most will have A or A- high school GPAs and will score a 1300 or higher on the SAT.

However, some students with lower scores in one or two of these categories may also be offered scholarships if the Scholarship Committee is impressed with the unusual rigor of their high school or the curriculum they pursued. Outstanding out-of-class accomplishments and leadership, strong endorsements in letters of recommendation, a background or heritage that would lend diversity to our campus, a parent who is an alumnus/a of the University, and exceptionally strong writing samples also play a part in our scholarship decisions; though the strength and excellence of the high school record are always the most important considerations.

With that said, some students whose academic "numbers" look good may not receive scholarship offers from the University. The reasons often have to do with such factors as a weak senior year course selection or a downward trend in grades or a poor essay. The quality of our applicant pool will also affect your chances of a scholarship. For the past few years, the quality of our entering class, as measured by SAT scores and high school GPAs, has increased significantly. This has made our scholarships increasingly competitive.

Art Scholarships

All applicants to the Art Interests major (Fine Arts, BA or FA, and Visual Communications, BFA) will be considered for a Calloway Scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based upon the artistic merit of the applicant's portfolio, in addition to the applicant's financial need. Portfolios should be submitted online by November 1 for Spring Transfer consideration, January 15 for Freshman consideration, and May 1 for Fall Transfer consideration. Portfolio requirements can be found at Submission of additional work and an interview may be required for students who are considered for department- and University-related scholarships.

Athletic Scholarships

Scholarship-quality athletes are generally identified by our coaches, who recruit on the basis of athletic skill. Athletic scholarships are available in the following varsity sports:

  • Men's baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, and soccer
  • Women's basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, rowing, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track & field, and volleyball

If you are interested in contacting a coach, you should write to the Athletics Department, University of Delaware, Newark DE 19716, call (302) 831-4006, or complete the Prospective Student Athlete Questionnaire.

Music Scholarships

You may inquire about music scholarships by calling the Music department at (302) 831-8426 and arranging an appointment for an audition. Music department scholarships are generally reserved for music majors and non-majors who play instruments/sing in vocal ranges needed to balance the ensembles. In addition, the Music Merit Program provides private study opportunities for other qualified students who wish to study applied music.

Admissions and ROTC Scholarships

Additional scholarships exist at the University of Delaware for the following applicants:

  • Army or Air Force ROTC Participants (awarded to selected students who are receiving a 3-year or 4-year ROTC scholarship)
  • Entering freshmen in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (approximately 15-20 awards per year)
  • In addition, a few awards are specific to entering freshmen in particular majors and programs. Students are automatically reviewed for these scholarships, as well as for university-wide scholarships, when they are reviewed for admission
Departmental Scholarships

Please note application procedures, requirements and deadlines may differ for each scholarship. Please read carefully and submit to the appropriate department/individual.

Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics

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Other UD

The University of Delaware assesses each June new recipients for scholarships that are made possible by our generous alumni or friends in order to provide you with opportunities to succeed and pursue your academic goals. For the majority of our endowments we will automatically identify the most qualified candidate and notify by early July.

Please Note: The 2014-2015 scholarship application process is now closed. Recipients will be notified mid-July.

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The following are outside scholarships that we are made aware of by outside entities. We have no direct involvement in the selections but will periodically update as information is sent to us for students to identify potential opportunities.

Please mail all outside scholarship checks with your student ID and name on it, along with the scholarship letter to:

Cashiers Office
30 Lovett Avenue
Newark, DE 19716

Please Note: All private scholarships monies will be divided equally between the Fall/Spring semesters unless indicated by the scholarship donor.

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