Undergraduate Tuition and Related Fees


CATEGORY Residents Non-Residents
Fall Spring Fall Spring
Tuition $5,450 $5,450 $14,625 $14,625
Room $3,507 $3,507 $3,507 $3,507
Board $2,272 $2,272 $2,272 $2,272
Health Service Fee $227 $227 $227 $227
Comprehensive Student Fee $375 $375 $375 $375
Student Center Fee $119 $119 $119 $119
Semester Total $11,950 $11,950 $21,125 $21,125
Yearly Total $23,900 $42,250

*Full-time tuition/fees are charged to undergraduate students enrolled in
12 - 17 credit hours. Click the calculator to the right for per-credit hour rates.

NSO Fee (Freshman/Transfers Only) - A one-time fee is charged to all new undergraduate students in order to support the orientation programs for new students. All new undergraduate students are required to pay this fee whether or not they were able to attend New Student Orientation.

2014-2015 PART-TIME TUITION AND FEES (Fall & Spring)

CATEGORY Residents Non-Residents
Cost Per Credit Hour $454 $1,219
Student Comprehensive Fee $100 $100
Registration Fee $60 $60

Indirect Expenses

Students should budget approximately $800 for books and supplies and $1,500 for miscellaneous items such as transportation, clothing, sundries, and other personal items.

Special Sessions

Use this calculator to estimate per credit hour cost options by semester.

Traditional Residence Hall, multiple room rate shown. Actual rates for room and board may vary owing to different housing arrangements and meal plan selections. Click these links for additional housing and dining options.
This is a mandatory fee charged to all full-time students entitling the student to use the Student Health and Counseling Centers. Part-time, matriculated students are eligible to receive the Health Center services by contacting the Student Health Center or they may use the facilities on a fee-for-service basis. A booklet which further describes the services of the Student Health and Counseling Centers is mailed to you separately.
This is a mandatory fee charged to all undergraduate and CEND students during the regular semesters and to all students during the Winter and Summer Sessions. This fee supports the student fitness center, recreational programs, student activities, concerts, performing arts and the activities of registered student organizations.
This is a mandatory fee charged to all full-time students to cover amortization of bonds used in the construction of the Trabant University Center and renovations to the Perkins Student Center, as well as operating costs of these student centers.
Optional Winter and Summer Sessions are charged separately.
This is a mandatory fee charged to all part-time Undergraduate, Graduate and CEND students