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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act  Commitment to Delawareans


Billing & Payment Overview

The official communication method for billing at the University of Delaware is through email notifications and therefore no paper bills are mailed. We provide an online site, My Finances, to view up to date account activity, make payments, view financial aid, open itmes and view/print 1098T tax information.

Parents and Authorized Users may be granted access by their student. A student must follow these steps to Grant Parent/Guardian Access

  • Students will need to login to their UDSIS account
  • Click the "Grant Parent My Finances Access" link under the "Finances" section
  • You will be taken to Parent/Guardian Services Administration website
  • To grant access to a new user:
    • Under the "Invite a parent/guardian" section, input the email address of your parent/guardian that you are authorizing access, select the relationship and check the My Finances box.
    • Click the "Send Invitation" button and your parent/guardian will receive an email inviting them to create their Parent/Guardian Services account
  • To grant access to an existing user:
    • If your parents/guardians email address is already listed under the "My parents/guardians" or "Pending invitations" section, ensure the My Finances box is checked.

UD has chosen CASHNet as our secure third party payment processor. The UD and Cashnet websites both adhere to all applicable federal, state, and banking regulation security standards. CASHNet secures your personal information entered into their website through VeriSign (Secure Sockets Layer, SSL, 128-bit encryption) which creates a protected connection between users and the web server. This means your account number and personal data are never sent over the internet unencrypted. Online payment by check, ACH, complies with NACHA standards.

Accepted Terms & Conditions

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Ensure Preferred Email in UDSIS is Accurate

The University of Delaware, Student Financial Services relies upon the use of electronic messaging systems (e-mail) to provide communications to its students/authorized parent and guardians. We request any electronic messages sent be opened and read in a timely manner. Each student is responsible for reviewing all e-mails sent to his or her designated e-mail account frequently to receive official University correspondence.

Billing communications will be sent to the students udel email address and any email address the student has granted accesss to My Finances via the Parent/Guardian Services administration website. It is the student's responsibility to ensure they have an active email address in our system.

When you Register for Courses

The act of registering generates related tuition charges for which students are financially responsible. Students must officially drop or withdraw from courses through UDSIS before the free Drop/Add period ends for the given semester to receive a full refund of tuition and fees. No refunds of tuition or course fees will be made for withdrawal or dropped courses after the free Drop/Add period expires. See academic calendar for relevant dates

If an Account is not paid and in delinquent status

  • Registration, transcripts, and the release of diplomas will be prohibited.
  • Late fees will be assessed each month the account is not paid.
  • The University will pursue collection action and may authorize legal action to affect the settlement of an account. You will be liable for all reasonable collection costs including attorney fees and other charges, which are necessary for the collection of a past due amount.

Financial Aid Recipients

Ensure you have read the federally-required disclosures on our consumer information page and understand the Financial Aid Terms and Conditions