Spring Monthly Installment Plan payments are due 2/5, 3/5, and 4/5.

Students may now file the 2016-2017 at, using UD's school code (001431).

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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act  Commitment to Delawareans


Students and parents can request a review of their financial aid package for reevaluation of their expected family contribution only under specific circumstances. For additional details and instructions on submitting a "qualifying" appeal, please select the circumstance below:

Special Circumstance Appeal

The University of Delaware strives to offer our families the best financial aid packages possible within the limitations of federal financial aid funding levels and our institutional student aid budget. We understand the FAFSA does not always capture the current financial snapshot of your household and that certain circumstances may present your family with unique financial challenges.

By answering the following questions it will enable the University to determine if you are a candidate for a Special Circumstance Appeal.

If your family experienced a change of circumstance since filing the 2015-2016 FAFSA, or your current financial situation is not truly reflected on your 2015-2016 FAFSA, you may be eligible to complete a Special Circumstance Appeal.

Answering the following questions will enable us to determine if you are a candidate for a Special Circumstance Appeal.

Did you file the 2015-2016 FAFSA?

Yes     No

Is your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) zero as indicated on the student's FAFSA or Student Aid Report (SAR)?

Yes     No

Separation or Divorce

Have your parents separated or divorced since filing the 2015-2016 FAFSA?

Yes     No

Death of a Wage Earner

Did your parent(s) pass away since filing the 2015-2016 FAFSA?

Yes     No

Medical and/or Dental Expenses

Did your family have an unusual high medical and/or dental expense in 2014, and the portion not reimbursed by your insurance carrier exceeded 10% of your 2014 Adjusted Gross Income?

Yes     No

Loss of Alimony/Child Support

Did your family receive alimony and or child support in 2014 and has had or will experience a complete or significant loss of this support in 2015?

Yes     No

Reduction or Loss of Income from Work in 2014 or 2015

Will your overall income for 2015 be substantially less than 2014, due to one of the following factors?

  • Retirement
  • Disability
  • Layoff/Termination (must be unemployed for at least 10 weeks in 2014)

Yes     No


Students classified as dependent may petition/appeal to be reclassified as independent based on documented adverse family circumstances.

Please submit the dependency appeal when a situation exists in your family that makes it unreasonable or impossible for you to obtain your parent's income and asset information.

2015 Academic Year: 14-15 Dependency Appeal
2016 Academic Year: 15-16 Dependency Appeal
Unsatisfactory Academic Progress (USAP)

Federal and state regulations require the University of Delaware to monitor each student's Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to disburse federal and state funds.

All students who wish to qualify for financial aid while attending the University of Delaware must meet certain standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress. These standards include:

  • A minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • A minimum credit hour completion rate
  • Completion of a degree or program of study within a maximum number of credit hours.

The Office of Student Financial Services will evaluate a student's academic record and compare his/her record to the federal standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress at the completion of the Spring term.

Students who fail to meet one or more of the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards at the time their academic progress is reviewed are not eligible for financial aid. Students will be notified of their failure to meet standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress by email and through UDSIS: however, it is the student's responsibility to stay informed of the University's Satisfactory Academic standards and to monitor their own academic progress.

A USAP Appeal may be submitted when a student believes that the failure to meet the standard was due to extenuating circumstances beyond his/her control. Examples can include an illness, injury or death in the immediate family.

Students who wish to have their appeals reviewed prior to the Semester bill due date, August 1, must complete and return the appeal prior to July 1.

Please note the USAP appeal is for one term only. If this appeal is approved you must contact SFS prior to the start of the following semester after grades have posted, if you wish to be considered for aid for the following term.

Scholarship Renewals

University of Delaware Scholarships are awarded with the provision the student continue to meet the established criteria/guidelines that were defined when the student initially was awarded the scholarship. Scholarship renewal eligibility is reviewed annually after the spring grades have been posted, and renewal is based upon, but not limited to, the following criteria: enrollment status, Grade Point Average (GPA), and Expected Family Contribution (EFC) for need-based awards.

Please keep in mind a number of scholarship funds have been established at the University of Delaware through the generosity of alumni, friends, corporations and foundations. These scholarships are awarded annually according to the various criteria established by the donor. Renewal of these scholarships may vary with the condition established for that particular award, i.e., major of study, demonstrated financial need, etc. Please refer to "My Finances" for established criteria.

Please note that in extenuating circumstances you may be able to appeal the loss of a scholarship by completing the Scholarship Renewal Appeal Form. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a Student Financial Aid Advisor at 302-831-2126.

Late Fee Waiver Appeal

Late payment/installment fees are assessed on all students' accounts with a balance after the billing/installment due date. The late fee charge is $55, and students will be charged these fees each billing statement they continue to have balances due unless they are enrolled in the Installment Plan. Students who enroll in the Installment Plan and miss the installment payment deadlines will be assessed a late installment fee of $25. Please note that a grace period of a few days exists after each statement due date so that we may ensure on-time payments are processed.

Students are responsible for making payments by the deadlines even if the billing notifications are not received. The My Finances site provides up-to-date account activity which can be viewed 24-hours a day. Students can make a payment at any time through their My Finance account or through the Payment Only option. Payment due dates can be found on the SFS Yearly Calendar.

Under certain conditions the University can waive late fees/late installment fees. These conditions would generally include the following:

  • University error
  • Unforeseen hardship

To request an appeal of any incurred late fees, please complete sections A and B of the Late Fee Waiver Form in its entirety. In Section B, briefly describe your reason for submitting this request to have your fee(s) waived. Please attach appropriate supporting documentation if applicable.

Completed forms can be mailed, faxed, e-mailed or dropped off at the Student Financial Services office and must be returned by the end of the term in which the fee was assessed. The account is the student's responsibility; appeals from third parties will not be considered.