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For job aids dealing with the Request to Recruit or Job Data (JED) Web Forms visit the ConnectingU HR ATLAS.


Online Performance Appraisal System Access

Date Due: 3/30/2018

The annual appraisal covers the time period from February 1st of the previous year through January 31st of the current year.

The appraisal provides a written record of the employee's major job duties, goals and competencies, as well as the supervisor's assessment of performance. It is designed to improve job understanding, encourage effective performance and establish goals that support unit and career development. In addition, the appraisal provides information to support merit salary determinations and other personnel actions. Supervisors are expected to be accurate and candid in their evaluation of and feedback to employees. The appraisal will become part of the employee's permanent personnel file.

Visit the Performance Appraisal System to begin the process. The recommended browser for this web based system is Mozilla Firefox.

The following lists are excel spreadsheets, they are updated periodically by HR Systems.

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