State employees' pension plan retiree benefits for non-exempt & hourly staff


Full and part-time staff who participate in the State Employees' Pension Plan (SEPP)

Plan Administrator

State of Delaware Office of Pensions

Who Can Use this Benefit

Benefits-eligible staff


Employees who satisfy the SEPP age and service criteria are eligible to apply for retirement income through the Office of Pensions.  SEPP recipients may also apply for health, dental, and vision insurance as well as a death benefit through the Office of Pensions.


The State of Delaware Employees' Pension Plan (Chapter 55, Title 29, Delaware Code) mandates that all University non-exempt (salaried and hourly) staff participate upon date of hire. In accordance with the statute, the pension calculation formula uses total creditable service and the highest three years' salary (including payment for overtime, if pension-creditable service began prior to January 1, 2012).

The Office of Pensions also sets the benefits contribution rates for health, dental, and vision benefits.

Current SEPP Medical Premium Rates


For additional information, including a pension calculator, frequently asked questions, rules & regulations, and details about benefits, see the SEPP website.

Additional Information

To begin the SEPP income and benefits application process, please contact Human Resources at least five months in advance of your proposed retirement date.

Office of Pensions Age/Service Requirements to Retire Chart

UD Pensioners who also meet University of Delaware criteria for retirement may participate in the retiree-paid University life insurance plan, educational benefits, UD ID card and parking privileges for retirees.

University Age & Service Guidelines:

  • any age and 30 years of service
  • age 55 and 20 years of service
  • age 60 and 15 years of service
  • age 65 and 10 years of service