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Coast Day: Oct. 1

Event at University of Delaware's Lewes campus will feature food, contests, music, educational activities and touch tanks.

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Danielle Dixson

Assistant Professor | School of Marine Science and Policy

Danielle Dixson researches how marine animals use sensory cues such as smell to select habitat and avoid predators. Her work has taken her around the world, diving for answers among sharks, fish, corals and other ocean creatures. Dixson shares her research with children through story books she writes about ocean science.

She first realized the need to engage youngsters in science during fieldwork in Fiji, where local children were disrupting her experiments. Rather than get upset, Dixson involved the children by creating a story book to help them understand her work. Last spring, she helped UD undergraduate students create children’s books, too, engaging them in ways to connect research, teaching and public outreach.

Dixson will share her books, How the Tiny Gobies Saved Their Coral Home and A Butterflyfish’s Journey to Find Delicious Food, during Coast Day on Oct. 1.

Danielle Dixson - College of Earth, Ocean & Environment


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