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UD's Ag Day

Explore the key role agriculture
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Ag Day Faculty spotlight

Deborah Delaney

Associate Professor, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Deborah Delaney, associate professor in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, leads one of the most popular exhibits at the University of Delaware's Ag Day: An open bee hive and a live bee demonstration.

At UD, Delaney teaches entomology and apiology classes and maintains dozens of colonies in the teaching apiary of UD's farm. Her research focuses on the evolutionary biology of honey bees, pollination ecology, population genetics of honey bees in the U.S. and genetic characterization of unmanaged honey bee populations. Delaney, who also mentors graduate and undergraduate students working on pollinator health and productivity, has degrees from Oregon State University and a P.h.D. in entomology from Washington State University. 

Dan Leathers
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Featured event

Richard Leakey

to visit UD

Richard Leakey, the paleonathroplogist whose fossil discoveries have shaped our understanding of human evolution, will speak on April 23. Registration for the event has filled, so the lecture will be streamed online.


George Watson and James Jones
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