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GIS Resources

Exercise 3

      This exercise will introduce you to valuable Remote Sensing resources found on the World Wide Web. In many cases, Web resources are much more current and up-to-date then textbooks, journal articles and other published documents since remote sensing in changing very rapidly. However, you must be weary of Web resources given that the information contained at Web sites are not necessary subjected to the same peer review process that textbooks and journal articles undergo.

I. Web Resources

Section 1: Remote Sensing Information Homepages (Useful links)

Take a close look at the Web sites listed below which provide a wide array of resources in the general field of remote sensing
University of Texas Resources for Geographer's
WWW Virtual Library - Remote Sensing
Look specifically at "What's New", "Organizations" (specifically for North America), "Other Remote Sensing Information" (focus on satellite data, conferences, and journals, newgroups/mailing lists)
Educational Resources
University of Texas - Austin Resources for Geographers, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry

Remote Sensing Core Curriculum Homepage

Utah State University, Department of Geography,Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratories

Software and Commercial Vendors
Look specifically at ERDAS, ENVI, ESRI's ArcView, IDRISI
There is not formal write up for Part 1.  However, be prepared to discuss the information found at these Web sites the class period the exercise is due.  Your participation in class discussion will count towards part of the exercise grade. Note specific information you find informative and interesting to share will fellow classmates.

Jobs for Geographers

GIS related job -

Section 2.  Commercial Satellite Programs

    From the "Satellite Programs and Sensor" class homepage, select one of the Commercial Satellite Corporations to examine in detail.  Complete the information sheet handed out in class outlining one of the Corporation's Program in terms of purpose, satellite, sensor, applications, and data availability.  Bring this information to class to share with others.

II. Library Resources

Section 1. Library Assignment

    You assignment is to review a current remote sensing article in the peer reviewed literature. Spend some time looking at the some of the current literature and pick a topic you find interesting. You can find current (w/i last 6 months) remote sensing journals in the Periodical room of the Morris Library or older articles in the stacks.  Write a one page paper outlining the purpose of the paper, remote sensing data used, method of analysis and summary of results.

        Graduate students use this part of the exercise as an start on completing a literature review of topic area for your remote sensing project.

Remote sensing related journals (not all peered review) *

Remote sensing journals at University of Delaware

o  Remote Sensing Review                                                        G70.4 .R466
o  Geocarto International                                                           G70.4 .G46
o  Remote Sensing of Environment                                          QE33.A1 R45
o  International Journal of Remote Sensing                            G70.4 .I56
o  Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing       TA593.A2 P486
* Also keep in mind that many articles are published in discipline specific journals, so you may want to look at journals in your field of study.

Section 2. Remote Sensing Project (Graduate students only)

        Your assignment is to select a topic for your remote sensing project and write 1/2 to 1 page short proposal outlining the general topic area you would like to investigate including 3-5 citations from the literature that serve as general information on your topic and/or specific application examples.

Due date - Thursday, October 21

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