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The Department of History assigns a UD equivalent for HISTORY Courses only, or for courses taken in other fields, such as Humanities, Classics, Political Science, or Anthropology, in which there is substantial History content, or substantial similarity to course offerings in the UD History Department.  Keep in mind that the evaluation looks only to see whether UD offers an equivalent course.  Students may obtain approval for transfer credit either before or after a course has been taken.  Before seeking a transfer credit equivalency evaluation, please check the “Transfer Credit Equivalency Search” on the Registrar’s Web Site

If your course is in the matrix, it will automatically be transferred as the equivalent course at UD.

If it is not in the matrix, please follow these procedures.

Transfer Credit for Courses Already Taken

Gather and submit the following materials via email to Professor John Montaño, Undergraduate Chair, History (
  1. Your name and UD ID number.

  2. The name of the College or University that offered the course(s).

  3. That institution’s course code, course number, and full course title, plus the number of credits earned.

  4. A full description of the course from the institution’s official catalogue.

  5. A course syllabus, if possible. Although a syllabus is not required, providing one can often help determine whether or not a specific course has a UD equivalent.

  6. Your contact information: name, phone number and email address.

Approval Process

The transfer process takes one to seven days. You will receive an email copy of Professor Montaño’s message to the transfer credit center. Be sure to retain that copy for your own records.

Transfer Credit for a Course To-Be-Taken:

Gather and submit the following materials via email to Professor John Montaño, Undergraduate Chair, History (

  1. #1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and, if possible, # 5 above

  2. Transfer Credit Evaluation Form: This form is available at Schedule a meeting with or email Professor Montaño ( for a review of course descriptions. Professor Montaño will complete the "University of Delaware equivalents" section of the form or will email the student with the course equivalent information.

Approval Process

The transfer process usually takes two to fourteen days. The student will receive notification via email when the request has been processed; approved requests will be left for student pickup in the main History Department office, 236 Munroe Hall. Students should inquire if they receive no notification within two weeks of submission. Be sure to retain photocopies of all materials submitted, and a photocopy of the signed transfer credit evaluation form. Once the course has been evaluated and the form signed by Professor Montaño, you must take the form to the Arts and Sciences Advisement Center, 219 Mitchell Hall for signature, and then to the Student Services Building.

The History Department does not evaluate, for transfer credit equivalency, on-line History courses taken at other institutions.  Such courses transfer to the University of Delaware as electives only.