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An Introduction to the History Department Graduate Programs

Our department educates both master's and doctoral students in all areas of history. In addition, and together with other departments in the humanities, we sponsor interdisciplinary doctoral programs in the History of American Civilization, and the University of Delaware-Hagley Program in the History of Industrialization in conjunction with the Hagley Museum and Library. The department also maintains close ties with the University's Center for American Material Culture and Museum Studies certificate program, through which students, as a supplement to their training in history, may prepare for careers with museums and historical organizations. Application deadline for all programs is January 5.

The Department of History offers M.A. and Ph.D. programs in American and European history and more limited graduate study Ancient, African, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern history. In conjunction with these, it offers special programs in the history of industrialization (including history of technology), material culture studies, American Civilization, and Museum Studies, as well as courses in History Education. The following sections explain admission procedures and standards, programs offered, and degree requirements. In addition, History programs are governed by the University's Graduate Catalogue and by the "Policies and Procedures" document issued by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Please note: Programs are subject to change. Students are responsible for keeping up with all program changes.

The History Department is committed to maintaining small, highly selective graduate programs to ensure that our students receive the most rigorous training as scholars, teachers, and museum/historical society professionals. Graduate students develop close working relationships with faculty, and compete successfully for jobs. Our goal is to admit only as many students as we can place in the future--which presently dictates a total entering class for all programs of between fifteen and twenty, about evenly divided between master's and doctoral students. We also offer our students the opportunity to develop an expertise in areas currently in demand: public history and world history.

Financial support from both university funding and private bequests enable the History Department to guarantee all of our doctoral students both tuition and a stipend of about $$16,850 for up to five years. We are able to offer the same level of aid to some of our master's students, and a tuition waiver to nearly all of them. It should be added, too, that Newark is a small college town that has a relatively low cost-of-living.

Our department offers a wide range of graduate seminars as well as opportunities for instruction tailored to the interests of individual students. Each semester we offer about ten seminars designed for, and restricted to, graduate students. These courses typically enroll from seven to twelve advanced students. We believe that this approach to graduate education fosters an ideal climate of peer support, one that helps our graduate students to learn from one another and to create an intellectual community.

The University of Delaware commands an excellent location for conducting scholarly research in the libraries, archives, and museums lining the eastern corridor. The resources of New York and Washington, D.C. can be tapped from Newark by a train trip taking about an hour and a half, while Philadelphia is less than a hour away by train or car. Closer still are the Winterthur Museum, the Hagley Museum located north of Wilmington about fifteen miles from campus. The University's Morris Library contains over 2.4 million volumes, a wide array of periodicals, and an extensive collection of manuscripts related to the study of History. The library is also a US Government Document repository, and offers a wide array of online electronic resources for research at all levels. The University of Delaware provides JSTOR to all enrolled students as well.