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Support Our History Programs

The Department of History relies upon its generous alumni and other donors to keep its programs functioning at the high level our constituency has come to expect. We can put any support to good use.

For example, the Department regularly funds research and scholarly travel for its undergraduate and graduate students and for faculty. This support permits us to accomplish research that otherwise might not be undertaken, especially innovative research. We sponsor an ongoing program of public lectures and colloquia for the Department and for the University community. Our guest speakers include some of the best historians in this country and abroad; and their talks or lectures have added much to graduate and undergraduate education and faculty development. We are currently revamping the History Media Center and equipping it with the newest computers and software. These acquisitions have given us a presence on Facebook and Twitter and permitted us to put videos of our work on our webpages.

Gifts both small and large have over the years enhanced our abilities to serve our friends in Delaware and throughout the region. If you can make a donation, I promise that we won’t waste it!

With all my thanks,

John J. Hurt
Professor of History and Chair

Give to the Department or to UD - You can make your gift either by check or credit card. Be certain to designate your gift for the History Department on the form. Use the "Other designation" area where you're asked to specify how the gift is to be used, and enter "Department of History" in the "Purpose" box. For example:

According to University policy, undesignated gifts support the University's unrestricted initiatives. More information about making a gift to the University of Delaware is available from the Office of University Development.