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Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of Delaware. The department offers a BA in sociology or criminal justice. We have a long tradition of quality teaching and are proud of the fact that five of our faculty have earned the university's Excellence in Teaching Award.

Graduate students may earn an MA or a Ph.D. degree in sociology or criminology. Teaching assistantships, research assistantships and fellowships are available on a competitive basis. The department is home to the Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies and affiliated with the Disaster Research Center.

You can find information on this site about our graduate and undergraduate programs and faculty, but if you have a specific question please contact us.

General inquiries can be directed to the department or you may contact individual faculty directly. For information about the Sociology Undergraduate Program e-mail For the Criminal Justice Undergraduate Program e-mail For inquiries regarding the Graduate Program, click here.

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Matthew Manierre, in an Advisory Board Company Daily Briefing article, said it shows patient satisfaction surveys are missing critical data. "While satisfaction measures may be useful in certain contexts, they may leave things out that eventually drive disparate health outcomes later on,".

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Contexts, a publication of the American Sociological Association, featured "Molly Deaths and the Failed War on Drugs" by Tammy L. Anderson

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The National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) has selected Maria Johnson to be a member of the 2014 Women of Color Leadership Project (WoCLP) cohort.

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Barret Michalec and his colleagues from TJU win the Journal of Allied Health's 2014 J. Warren Perry Award!

Their article, "Dissecting First-Year Students' Perceptions of Health Profession Groups: Potential Barriers to Interprofessional Education", appeared in the Winter 2013 issue. The award will be presented during an awards dinner on October 22 in Las Vegas.

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Ann Bell was interviewed in New York Magazine about her recent book Misconception: Social Class and Infertility in America.

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The Ferguson incident brought race/racism once again back to the central stage of the U.S. policing.

Ivan Y. Sun would like to share two newspaper reports that feature his work on race and policing.

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The Washington Post Article

An NGO founded by Aaron Fichtelberg, with a couple of other criminologists, (entitled "Criminologists Without Borders") has just received special observer status with ECOSOC (at the United Nations).
U.S. Club Drug Law Could Put Ravers At Risk

It's been more than a decade since a federal law made venue owners criminally responsible when patrons use illegal club drugs. But after years of fieldwork, attending raves in Philadelphia and elsewhere, University of Delaware sociologist Tammy Anderson is convinced the drug law is a bad idea.

WHYY Article

How Mega Rave Electric Zoo WIll Try to Keep the Drugs Out

Tammy L. Anderson, who closely follows youth culture and drug use, says that in the heyday of rave culture music fans banded together on websites and they were wiser about their drug consumption.

Village Voice Article

UD's Tammy Anderson has found that the federal anti-drug RAVE Act may do more harm than good.

A federal law enacted to combat the use of "club drugs" such as Ecstasy - and today's variation known as Molly - has failed to reduce the drugs' popularity and, instead, has further endangered users by hampering the use of measures to protect them.

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Welcome to new Faculty member, Dr. Maria Johnson!

Dr. Johnson researches the role of race and gender within family relationships and federal family policy. Her current work examines Black women's identity construction, daughter-father relationships, Black fatherhood, and structural and cultural influences.

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New book: Joel Best and Kathleen A. Bogle

Kids Gone Wild: From Rainbow Parties to Sexting, Understanding the Hype Over Teen Sex. New York: New York University Press, 2014.

Ann Bell recently published her new book.

Ann V. Bell, Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice, recently published her book entitled, Misconception: Social Class & Infertility in America"

Rutgers University Press

Congrats to Victor!

Congratulations to Victor for being awarded an IT Transformation Grant (funded through CTAL) for his proposed course on (geo) mapping in the social sciences for non-geography majors with no GIS experience. Very cool stuff. Well done, Victor!

Tamara Keith, White House Correspondent for NPR ran a story about the White House Sexual Assault Task Force. Our students, Abigail Samuels, Melissa Pleasanton and Gabby Coleman were featured in the story.

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The University Diversity Initiative held its annual Diversity Awards Celebration.

Dr. Brian Chad Starks, who is an alumnus of the Dept. of Soc/CJ and an Associate Professor at Delaware State University, won the Louis L. Redding Award.

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Jeremy Mathis, an Undergraduate Criminal Justice Major won the Student Ambassador for Diversity Award.

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Our students, Emily Bonistall and Brandie Pugh, as well as undergrad Abigail Samuels, did a fantastic job at the National VAWA conference (of which our dept was a co-sponsor).

2014 Powerful Partnerships Conference

Aneesa Baboola and Bri VanArsdale were selected to attend the National Science Foundation's workshop in Arlington, VA.

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Dana Alvare and Kristen Hefner were selected to attend the Law & Society Association's 2014 Graduate Student Workshop in May in Minneapolis!

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Emily Bonistall has been selected to receive the Julie Mapes-Wilgen Award in Human Sexuality & Gender Studies.

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Congratulations to this year's (two!) Scarpitti Award winners, Kristen Hefner and John Brent. Bravo! Well-deserved!

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