COGGS - The Colloquium on Global Governance and Society

A Horizontal Rule

The Department's Colloquium on Global Governance and Society (COGGS) is a central element of our graduate program's focus on politics and global governance. COGGS is an annual speaker series that brings national and international scholars to speak on issues of global governance theory and practice. It is held each spring in conjunction with a senior graduate seminar and writing workshop for our advanced graduate students.

2014 COGGS: 'Rethinking Governance: Democracy, Power, and Exclusion'

2013 COGGS: 'Security and Identity in Global Governance'

2012 COGGS: 'Tensions in Global Governance'

2011 COGGS: 'Borders and Global Governance'

2010 COGGS: 'Transnational Identities: Race, Class and Gender in GG'

2009 COGGS: 'The Global Governance of War and Peace'

2008 COGGS: 'Global Governance and Governmentality'