Mission Statement

The University of Delaware, Department of Public Safety is committed to working with members of the university community and other law enforcement agencies in providing a collaborative approach to crime prevention and the safeguarding of life and property.


In order to accomplish our mission, members of the department will deploy innovative crime reduction strategies and community policing initiatives that are focused on the safety and welfare of the public we serve.  We are committed to delivering quality service, maintaining high ethical standards and fostering an atmosphere of P.R.I.D.E. in our quest to become a dynamic leader in campus law enforcement.

Core Values - PRIDE

Professionalism – We encourage teamwork, innovation, and constant evaluation and pledge to adopt best practices in service to the community.
Responsibility – We will be accountable for our actions to earn trust and respect from the public.
Integrity – Ethical behavior is the cornerstone of public trust.
Dedication – We are committed to allegiance and devotion in the execution of our duties.   
Excellence – The quality and distinction of our actions will make the Department of Public Safety an integral part of our prominent campus community.