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Dr. Guerrón Montero has been particularly concerned with how the variables gender, race, and class intersect in Latin American and Caribbean nation-states, and how the development of tourism as a major industry (sometimes the largest) industry in this region influences state policy and grassroots initiatives.   

Specifically, her research has focused on how Afro-Latin American and Afro-Caribbean populations represent their identities within the context of their history, the generally oppressive or neglecting nation-states to which they belong, and their contributions to nation and region formation in these locations.  Dr. Guerrón Montero has conducted ethnographic research in Panama, and short-term ethnographic research in Ecuador, Grenada, and Chile. 

Recent Publications (2005-2007)

2006      Racial Democracy and Nationalism in Panama.  Ethnology 45(3): 209-228.

2006      ‘Can’t Beat me Own Drum in me Own Native Land:’ Calypso Music and Tourism in the Panamanian Atlantic Coast.  Anthropological Quarterly 79 (4):633-663.

2006      Tourism and Afro-Antillean Identity in Panama.  Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change 4(2):65-84.

2005      Marine Protected Areas in Panama: Grassroots Activism and Advocacy.  Human Organization 64(4): 360-372.

2005      Geraldine Moreno-Black and Carla Guerrón-Montero.  Speaking of Hunger and Coping with Food Insecurity: Experiences in the Afro-Ecuadorian Highlands.  Ecology of Food and Nutrition 44(54): 391-420.

2005      Voces Subalternas: Presencia Afro-Antillana en Panamá (Subaltern Voices: Afro-Antillean Presence in Panama).  Cuadernos Americanos 111: 33-59.

Book Reviews
2007      Book Review of “Tarzan was an Eco-Tourist, and Other Tales in the Anthropology of Adventure,” American Anthropologist 109(4): (in press).  

2006      Book Review of “Applied Anthropology: Domains of Application,” American Anthropologist 108(4): 903-904.

Encyclopedia Entries
2006      Entry for “Panama.” Encyclopedia of Anthropology, pp. 1821-1824.   Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

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