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Mark Greene

Philosophy Department Emeritus Faculty

- All email addresses are @udel.edu -

Bob Brown
Robert F Brown rfbrown@
Professor PhD, Columbia

Philosophy of religion, history of philosophy.
15 Kent Way #203 302-831-2359
Frank Dilley
Frank B Dilley fdilley@
Professor Emeritus PhD, Columbia

Philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind.
15 Kent Way #206 302-831-2359
Paul Durbin
Faculty website Paul T Durbin 18512@
Professor Emeritus PhD, Aquinas Institute of Philosophy

Contemporary moral problems, philosophy of technology.
Harry Hall
Harrison B Hall hhall@
Professor PhD, Northwestern

Existentialism, phenomenology.
David Haslet
Faculty website David W Haslett dhaslett@
Professor PhD, Minnesota

Ethics, philosophy of law, philosophy of economics.
24 Kent Way #205 302-831-2359
Fred Schueler
Faculty website G Fred Schueler schueler@
On PhilPapers  
Professor PhD, UC Berkeley

Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Action.

24 Kent Way #301b 302-831-2359
Doug Stalker
Faculty website Douglas F Stalker stalker@
Associate Professor PhD, North Carolina

Critical thinking, aesthetics.