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Temporarily blocking call waiting

If you dial into the University or another Internet Service Provider (ISP) using a phone line with the call waiting feature, you should block or turn off this feature for the duration of that phone call. If you do not, and if you receive a phone call while using your modem, the call waiting tone will disconnect your connection to your ISP.

Check inside your local phone book for directions on blocking the call waiting tone in your area. Verizon uses *70 as the sequence to block the call waiting tone for the duration of one phone call.

Add this prefix to the number your computer's modem dials. Doing so will block the call waiting tone for the duration of your call. While you have call waiting blocked, callers will either hear a busy signal or your voice-mail "Busy Greeting."

After you disconnect from your ISP, the call waiting feature will resume its normal function.

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