Acceptable Use of University IT Resources: Students

Know the risks: You are accountable

Although the Internet offers valuable resources, remember that there are risks associated with using the network. Downloading anything from a source you don't know or trust can infect your computer. If the downloaded file contains a worm, virus, or trojan and you have not been vigilant in securing your system, it can not only affect your computer, but others as well, and the UD community.

Hackers can capture and control your computer to spread malicious software and scan our network and the Internet for vulnerable systems to infect. If you don't protect your computer or Internet-capable device, it can become a busy file-swapping server or used to send spam or phishing emails.

You are accountable for what you, your computer, and your other Internet-capable devices do on the network, whether the action is intentional or not.

It is important that you review our best practices to learn how to protect your computer, other Internet-capable devices, and information. Negligent users lose the privilege of using the campus network. Violators of the University policy or federal, state, or local laws will be subject to full disciplinary action within the Office of Student Conduct and face legal liability.

Personal Web pages, blogs, social sites

What you say or post on public Web sites, blogs, or social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, can also be governed by the Policy for Responsible Computing and the student Code of Conduct:

Be careful what you post to social media, public Web sites, or blogs:

Connect securely to University resources

The University offers several ways to access its network and electronic resources. You can use different methods and connection types to access the same resources, but not all are secure. For example, we recommend that you connect your wireless devices to the UDel Secure wireless network whenever possible.

Off campus, although many businesses and coffee shops near campus offer free Internet access, their wireless networks are unsecured. Be careful about the transactions you do on their unsecured networks.

For more information about using the UDel Secure wireless network and other secure connection options, review our Connect securely to University resources page.