Acceptable Use of University IT Resources: Students


The University of Delaware's campus network was built to support its academic, research, and public service missions. The University provides students with Internet access to use as a valuable academic resource.

The University grants you access to UDelNet, the campus network, and the Internet as a privilege. You must follow University policy and federal, state, and local law to retain that privilege.

This Web site includes rules and guidelines for acceptable use of the University network, information on securing your computer, and a detailed explanation of the consequences for violating these policies. These rules apply whether you're using a computer, smart phone, or tablet to access the Internet.

To protect the network, your computer, and your personal information, you must understand and follow the student Code of Conduct, which contains general principles regarding acceptable use of computing equipment, software, and the network.
You will need to read and understand this information to pass the Electronic Community Citizenship Exam (ECCE) before you are permitted to create your UDelNet ID.

Know the rules


Secure your computer

Know the risks

Manage your email

Follow copyright law