Tip - Verbal Cues to Consider When Delivering a Speech


  • Should be a little louder than that of a normal conversation
  • Consider size of room and audience, background noise, and availability of a microphone. 


  • conveys mood of speaker
  • avoid monotone speech


  • Not too fast or too slow
  • Watch the audience’s reactions to determine if your rate is appropriate


  • No “uh’s,” “um’s,” “you know,” etc.
  • Establish transitions between ideas in speech ahead of time in order to avoid these vocal fillers
  • Pause only when trying to emphasize a point or make a statement

Vocal Variety

  • Switch up volume, pitch, rate, and pauses within speech

Pronunciation and Articulation

  • Be sure you know how to say words correctly
  • Consider diction and enunciation

Paraphrased from A Speaker’s Guidebook, O’Hair, et. al.
Prepared by Michelle Hector, Dan Bilodeau, and Laura Siegel


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