GraduateCourse Listing

Course Number Course Title Credits
COMM601 Epistemology and Theory in Communication 3 Hrs
COMM603 Communication Research Methods - Procedures 3 Hrs
COMM604 Communication Research Methods - Analysis 3 Hrs
COMM609 Public Relations Campaign Planning 3 Hrs
COMM610 Organizational Communication Theory 3 Hrs
COMM613 Public Relations Management 3 Hrs
COMM617 Communication and the Management of Conflict 3 Hrs
COMM618 Topics in Mass Communication 3 Hrs
COMM621 Intercultural Communication: Applications in International Contexts 3 Hrs
COMM623 COMM/Advertising/The Consumer  
COMM624 Media Message Analysis 3 Hrs
COMM625 Advanced Topics in Political and Broadcast Journalism 3 Hrs
COMM630 Interpersonal Communication Theory 3 Hrs
COMM640 Topics in Interpersonal Communication 3 Hrs
COMM642 Topics in Organizational Communication 3 Hrs
COMM652 Communication and Persuasion 3 Hrs
COMM654 Children and the Mass Media 3 Hrs
COMM656 Communication in Organizations 3 Hrs
COMM657 Children, Television and Education 3 Hrs
COMM664 Internship 1-6 Hrs
COMM670 Mass Communication Theory 3 Hrs
COMM685 Analysis of Face-to-Face Communication 3 Hrs
COMM686 Multimedia Literacy 3 Hrs
COMM868 Research 1-12 Hrs
COMM869 Master's Thesis 1-6 Hrs
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