Courses That Satisfy the Multicultural Requirement

ARTH151 Myth, Religion, and Art
ARTH158 Rulers' Images: Antiquity to the Present
ARTH162 History of Architecture
ARTH163 Architecture in Global Contexts
ARTH198 Studies in World Art and Architecture
ARTH202 Biblical and Classical Literature
ARTH203 Art of the Black and African Diaspora
ARTH204 Architecture and Power in Africa
ARTH206 Introduction to Art and Architecture in Africa
ARTH209 Early Medieval Art, 200-1000 A.D.
ARTH228 Modern Art since 1900
ARTH229 Contemporary Art
ARTH232 Art of Latin America
ARTH236 Arts of the Islamic World
ARTH237 Art of Tibet
ARTH238 Islamic Architecture of Africa: Cairo to Timbuktu
ARTH242 Woman as Image and Imagemaker
ARTH244 American Architecture
ARTH248 African American Art
ARTH298 Global Modernism
ARTH303 Art of the Iberian World, 1400-1800
ARTH311 Women, Society, and the Arts
ARTH334 Cairo: Architecture and Revolution
ARTH419 Seminar in Art of the Iberian World, 1400-1800
ARTH440 Seminar in Latin American Art
ARTH445 Seminar in East Asian Art and Architecture
ARTH456 Seminar in Contemporary Architecture
ARTH457 Survey of African Art