Supervisor Instructions

After the employee submits their portion of the appraisal you will see it using the Appraisals Requiring My Attention tab in the Performance Appraisal System:

  • Log into the system
  • Review major responsibilities, prior year goals, and current year goals.
  • If changes are required, return the appraisal to the employee for updates.
  • If all is in order, continue to Supervisor Narrative.
  • Complete the Supervisor Narrative which should include enough verbiage that the employee explicitly knows where and why they are doing well and not so well.
  • Complete the Performance Ratings for each of the performance categories with an appropriate value of 1-5 or N/A.
  • Review the current year goals and make changes as necessary.  Remember, settings goals should be a discussion between you and your employee.  For help setting goals view our online course Setting Effective Goals.
  • Complete the Overall Appraisal Rating.
  • Either share the form for employee review or send to others for review.