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Tier 3 focuses on community leadership and engaged citizenship. Students participating in Tier 3 are BHLP Community Fellows. Students eligible for Tier 3 may earn academic credit for participation as a Community Fellow. Interested students should see Susan Luchey for information and instructor permission. Participants in Tier 3 will learn what it means to be an engaged citizen and understand the connection between community stewardship and leadership. They will accomplish this learning outcome by working closely with a local non- profit in order to gain an understanding of the structure, finances and operation of the agency and then to lead a project that benefits the agency by furthering its mission. Students will:

All Tier 3 participants may attend the Tier 2/3 Retreat in September.

Registration: Open until August 26, 2014

Lab Fee: $50.00 for Undergraduate students, $150 for Graduate students
: Can be paid by check made payable to the University of Delaware; fee covers cost of transportation to agency sites and other program needs

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