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Tier 1, or The Emerging Leader level of BHLP is open to all UD students. Participants attend a variety of events (interactive workshops, conferences, guest speakers, cultural events, field trips) focusing on personal leadership development and application of the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership that are the core of the Leadership Challenge Model.

All workshops are grouped under one or more of the 5 Practices:

Tier 1 participants must attend at least 10 events over the course of the academic year, making sure that those programs attended cover all 5 of the Exemplary Practices. There are four required components for all Tier 1 students:

In order to earn the Emerging Leader Certificate of Excellence, students must create and present a poster that is a representation of your personal Tier 1 journey of self discovery. In creating your poster, you should draw from the reflections you have written for each of the 10 or more BHLP workshops/programs you have attended. We are looking for key ideas, evidence of personal growth and increased self-awareness, and illustrations or explanations of what you have learned about leadership. Posters are presented in late April. Awards are presented to the top poster presentations.


Registration: August 31 - October 3, 2015

Registration Fee: $60.00 for Undergraduate students (cash/check/credit); $75 for late registration
$100 for Graduate students (cash/check); $125 for late registration

Checks should be made payable to the University of Delaware.

REGISTER for all tiers of BHLP via the link at the top of this site!

All registered participants receive a BHLP padfolio and t-shirt.

Check out Tier 1 participant Aaron Dyer's poster presentation below, along with a testimony about the value of the BHLP experience by Stephanie Agyemang.