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Blue Hen Leadership Program Presents
QUEST: a First Year Summer Leadership Experience

Question in order to challenge the process
Understand that leadership is a quest, a journey towards self awareness
Explore possibilities
Serve others
Transform yourself and impact the world in positive ways

QUEST 2015, a selective program for 72 freshmen, will take place from Tuesday, August 25 through Saturday, August 29. Students participating in QUEST will be able to move into their assigned residence halls early on Wednesday, August 26. They will spend the first night in residence halls on North Campus. The cost of the program is $450.00. Applications for QUEST will be available from June 1 through July 8th.

  1. Participants will foster connections among freshmen, leadership mentors and staff
  2. Participants will engage in experiences that contribute to an understanding of what it means to be a respectful and contributing member of a diverse community
  3. Participants will identify personal goals and learn how personal awareness and decision making can impact one's ability to achieve success
  4. Participants will understand that developing as a leader is a process that involves self awareness, relationships, skills, service to others and transformation.
Participants will be able to QUEST will be conducted by Susan Luchey, Associate Director of Student Centers for Leadership Development; Matthew Creasy, Assistant Director for the Blue Hen Leadership Program; peer mentors who have completed the Emerging Leader level of the UD Blue Hen Leadership Program.

Apply for QUEST today via the Application link at the top of this page! For more information, contact Susan Luchey at or by calling 302-831-0091.