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Our Mission: The Blue Hen Leadership Program builds individual and organization leadership capacity and fosters engagement and service by providing diverse opportunities to question, explore, understand and apply leadership in order to positively transform one's campus, career and community.

Program Model: The Blue Hen Leadership Program is centered on The Leadership Challenge (Kouzes and Posner) and its five principles: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart. Other models that significantly impact curriculum include the Social Change Model and the Transformational Leadership Model. All three models rely heavily on self awareness, values, the importance of relationships and communication in ultimately affecting positive change. In addition, the focus of program content is guided by 6 competency areas:

  1. Personal Leadership: Students will gain insight into their personal traits, values, fears, perspectives and goals in order to develop a greater sense of self, purpose, balance and effectiveness.
  2. Organizational Leadership: Students will develop methods to effectively lead teams, to set and achieve shared goals, and to contribute to the success of healthy organizations in a variety of roles.
  3. Communication: Students will develop skills to think critically, and then to effectively and courageously communicate in a variety of areas. These areas may include decision making, seeing things from multiple perspectives, sharing ideas, and listening to the ideas of others. They will also learn to articulate their own leadership style and apply it to personal experiences and potential employment.
  4. Global Understanding: Students will understand that in our global society, leadership embraces many traditions, cultures and approaches. Students will demonstrate an ability to lead a diverse team and to work cooperatively with and supportively of others.
  5. Community Stewardship: Students will learn that those who lead meaningful lives contribute to their communities by affecting positive change. Stewardship speaks to going a step beyond volunteerism towards embracing social responsibility.
  6. Management Skills: Students will understand the difference between management and leadership and will learn a variety of management skills to help them effectively contribute to their organizations or teams.

Program Goals:
Students who participate in the BHLP will:
  • Enhance their resume with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and experiential leadership
  • Understand that everyone has the potential to lead
  • Understand that leadership development is an ongoing process
  • Articulate a personal, demonstrated leadership style
  • Appreciate and understand a diverse array of perspectives, cultures and style preferences
  • Understand that true leadership involves affecting positive change
  • Learn skills that enhance their ability to build relationships and to manage an organization or team
  • Improve their communication skills, critical thinking skills, problem analysis results management skills
  • Lead a team through the successful design, planning and completion and assessment of a project
  • Experience leadership at work
  • Have the opportunity to earn a certificate in Excellence in Leadership in multiple tiers
The University of Delaware is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and Title IX institution.
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