Why do I have to RSVP?
An RSVP is a necessary courtesy for our presenters, so they know how many students to prepare for. In addition, if we are providing refreshments or a meal at a program, we must let catering know how many students they are serving. We are charged based on this number, so your RSVP is your commitment to attend.

If I have RSVP'd and something comes up to prevent me from attending a program, how do I let someone know?
If you must cancel your reservation, contact the Student Leadership Center at (302) 831-7622 to cancel.

Do credits carry over from year to year?
No. Each tier is designed to be completed in a single, academic year.

How many workshops do we need to earn a certificate?
To earn the Emerging Leader certificate (Tier 1), you need to attend 10 events that cover each of the 5 practices of exemplary leadership, plus participate in one community service activity. The 10 events include the three required workshops: Why Leadership?, The Leadership Challenge, and True Colors.

If a workshop counts for more than one of the 5 practices of exemplary leadership, how do you determine which one I receive credit for?
We award you the credit in whichever practice area you need.

Is Tier 1 for freshmen only?

No. Tier 1 is open to all students at the University of Delaware. While we encourage students to get started as freshmen so they can complete all the Tiers, we have many seniors who earn the Emerging Leader, Tier 1 certificate.
Do I have to complete Advanced Tier 1 in order to enroll in Tier 2?

No. You only need to complete Tier 1 in order to enroll in Tier 2.
What is Tier 2?

The Engaged Leader, Tier 2 focuses on project management. Students engage in an in-depth study of The Leadership Challenge model of leadership and then design and implement a project focused on positive change, using the models to lead their team.
What is Tier 3?

BHLP Community Fellows, Tier 3, focuses on community engagement. Students are placed with a non-profit in whose mission they have some interest. The fall semester is spent learning about the non-profit and how it functions. During spring semester, students take the lead on a project for the non-profit.
What does BHLP cost and what do the fees cover?

Most of the cost of BHLP is covered by student fees you already pay. However, due to the size and scope of the program, it is necessary to charge a small fee to help defray the cost of supplies, travel and other incidentals that help BHLP be a nationally benchmarked program.

The fees are as follows:
Tier 1: $50 (undergraduate) / $100 (graduate)
Tier 2: $100 (undergraduate) / $150 (graduate)
Tier 3: $50 (undergraduate) / $150 (graduate)
There is no charge for Advanced Tier 1 or for Tier 4.

Students for whom this fee presents a financial strain should consult Susan Luchey. Fees may be waived or reduced if proper documentation of financial need can be provided.
I am already a leader in my RSO or Greek Chapter. How can BHLP help me?

Learning to lead effectively is a lifelong process. More importantly, holding a title is not a guarantee of your ability to effectively develop a team or lead that team to successful completion of its mission. BHLP will provide you with specific tools to enable your success, to teach you a framework within which you can lead, and help you to develop a leadership portfolio that makes you more attractive to potential employers.
I want the officers of my organization to participate in BHLP, but our schedules are crazy. Can BHLP workshops be presented to my RSO, chapter or team during our meeting times?

Yes, with advance notice. Contact Susan Luchey, Associate Director of University Student Centers, at