Friends Together groups must be formed by Feb. 28.

Friends Together

Game changes for campus housing option for UD students


9:16 a.m., Feb. 19, 2014--Relationships forged in college often become lifelong friendships. University of Delaware Residence Life and Housing offers students the exceptional opportunity to form groups when returning to the residence halls as upper-division residents. 

“Friends Together has been a hallmark of on-campus living for over 15 years,” said Vanessa McClafferty, assignments coordinator, Residence Life and Housing. “Last year, we had over 2,000 students join Friends Together groups when applying for housing.”

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Beginning Feb. 11, there are changes in the way Friends Together groups function. Students applying for 2014-15 housing use a new tool to create their custom housing application and to manage housing business throughout the year.

The new system allows students to self-select their on-campus spaces – much like selecting concert or airline seats. Friends Together groups must have a group leader, who has a variety of responsibilities that includes assigning all group members to spaces on campus during room selection.

Students can form groups of up to 12. “By limiting group size to 12 we will be providing most students with the opportunity to stay together as a group on a floor or within a building.”

Residence Life and Housing suggests students work together and discuss a variety of alternatives for how group members might be assigned by the group leader when the group’s time slot for room selection arrives.

“Group leaders will need to make decisions for the group throughout the process,” said McClafferty. “The leader should be responsible and trustworthy and the group should be involved in open communication so that there is a clear plan for room selection.”

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