Problem-Based Learning Clearinghouse\
Student Learning Objectives
Title: A Bad Day for Sandy Dayton
  1. Sketch graphs to represent the motion of an object, and describe motion as represented by a graph.
  2. Calculate the speed and acceleration of an object using data (gathered experimentally or derived from graphs).
  3. Design and conduct a series of investigations to determine how changing an object's mass and forces acting on an object affect its motion.
  4. Use knowledge of forces that cause motion to solve realistic automobile accident.
  5. Understand relation between speed and stopping distance graphically.
  6. Understand and be able to explain the transfer of energy in many different phenomena, including automobile accidents.
  7. Calculate the distance from intersection that a car can safely go through or should stop.
  8. Explain how seatbelt and airbags work and why they minimize forces on a person in an accident.


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