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About the PBL Clearinghouse

Welcome to the PBL Clearinghouse, a collection of problems and articles to assist educators in using problem-based learning. The problems and articles are peer reviewed by PBL experts in the disciplinary content areas. Teaching notes and supplemental materials accompany each problem, providing insights and strategies that are innovative and classroom-tested. Access to the Clearinghouse collection is limited to educators who register via an online application, but is free and carries no obligation.

If you would like to register as a PBL Clearinghouse User, we request that you apply for access and login before you search, browse the entries, or contribute to discussion forums. Because of the nature of the materials, access is restricted to educators with academic affiliations and is prohibited to students. All materials in the Clearinghouse are protected by international copyright law. Users have permission to reproduce the materials for educational use, with the condition that all copyright notices (original title, publication date, and author) be retained. The User Agreement summarizes the conditions for using the Clearinghouse.

Users are invited to contribute to the PBL Clearinghouse. Contributors must register as a Clearinghouse Author and be approved before submitting original problems and articles. Authors can submit, view, and update problems and articles electronically in a revision cycle paralleling that of a scholarly journal. The copyright remains with the authors, but once problems and articles are submitted and accepted to the Clearinghouse, they become a part of its permanent archives. Information about PBL pedagogy and a Problem Writing Guide are provided for interested contributors. Author Guidelines are also available to assist prospective authors in preparing submissions.

Educators with expertise in PBL in an academic discipline are encouraged to apply to the Editorial Board to be a Clearinghouse Reviewer. It is anticipated that reviewers will be asked to review at most two submissions annually. Reviewer Guidelines are available to assist reviewers in evaluating submissions.

Topical Editors have been invited to join the Editorial Board by the Editor-in-Chief, and include experts in PBL pedagogy and problem construction in a broad spectrum of content disciplines.

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