Cloud usage guidelines

Important NOTE:

Never use your UDel password on non-University login screens, even if the applications and services are part of your official job responsibilities.

  • If you require students or employees to use a cloud-based service, it is your responsibility to inform them NOT to use their UDelNet password for access, and to make sure a notice is posted on the login screen.
  • Your password and the University information it protects could be at risk.

Cloud computing is the use of an outsourced, third-party, information service or remote infrastructure to store and manage information. These services can offer UD departments more efficient and effective tools for administrative processes, usability, research or scholarly collaboration.

However, "the cloud" is not a good long-term storage-solution for certain information. Before storing information on a non-UD server, carefully consider:

  Also consider issues like those outlined below before storing data on any non-UD server:

Consult the cloud services advice page for more detailed information about the above issues and suggestions on alternative cloud service providers.

Often free or low-cost, many cloud services are governed by a non-negotiable, click-through, terms of serviceHowever, depending on system criticality, information confidentiality and/or legal or contractual requirements, a negotiated contract and a vendor privacy and security safeguards assessment may be required. Read a brief overview about vendor selection for more details.

If you have questions about whether a cloud-based offering (like or any public or private cloud-based service provider) is an appropriate tool for your information technology needs, contact your departmental IT support staff or the IT Support Center. Submit a Help Request Form. Email Call (302) 831-6000.

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