Microsoft Word UDThesis Styles for Graduate Theses, Dissertations and
Executive Postion Papers

The UDThesis styles are designed to format theses, dissertations and executive positions papers according to the regulations specified by the University of Delaware Office of Graduate and Professional Education.

Important: To use the styles most effectively, read and follow the instructions at the beginning of the UDThesis guidelines for setting up Word. If you have already started typing your document, see the Appendix of the guidelines.

Also note the considerations for preserving the formatting when others work on your document.

Note: Make sure to check for the latest names and titles for the signatures in your document. You must change these manually.


To get started, click to download the Microsoft Word UDThesis Guidelines. This document contains instructions for using the styles and links to download the base files.


Watch this short video on using UDThesis base files and styles for Microsoft Word.