Printing from your own Windows XP computer to a VendPrint print queue

Please be patient when you first run this process because it may take from 1-5 minutes to complete.

  1. Click the Start button in the lower-left corner of the desktop. You will see a window that looks similar to the following:

    start window

  2. Choose the Run program listed in the window.
  3. You will need to type the correct format for the computer site (or kiosk) that you want to print to. For example, the following Run dialog box shows the correct format for the printer in Smith Hall. The correct names are indicated in the table below. If you were printing to the Smith Hall printer, the window should look similar to the following:

    run window

  4. Click OK. At first, you will not see any activity on the screen. However, in 1-3 minutes, you will see a dialog box that requests a User name and a Password.

    log in window

  5. In the User name field, type

     win\Your UDelNet ID
    You must type the win\ before your UDelNet ID or the printer will not be able to connect.
    Your UDelNet ID is the first part of your UD email address before the @ sign. For example, if your UD email address is, you would type win\sammy in the User name field.

  6. In the Password field, type your UD email password. If you have difficulty logging in, confirm that you have typed the win\ before your UDelNet ID and confirm that your password meets the new requirements by logging in to the UD Network page.
  7. Check the Remember my credentials checkbox.
  8. Click OK.
  9. A progress box that indicates the computer is connecting will appear. This process may take up to 5 minutes. The window should look similar to the following:

    connecting to printer

  10. When the printer is installed, you will see the following window:

    printer installed window

  11. The printer should say that it is "paused" because this is just a holding queue until you release your job at the VendPrint station.
  12. You may click the X in the upper-right corner to close the window.

Now you can print as you normally do, only select the appropriate printer from your printer list. You have 30 minutes to claim your print job at the VendPrint station before it is deleted. You only need to install the printer once. It will remain on your computer to use indefinitely until you delete it.

If you have a third party firewall installed on your computer, you may see an error message that your computer can't connect to the printer. If you receive such a message, you will need to open access to the IP address for that printer.

Printer name for VendPrint print queue for Windows computers


To be able to access the printer, you must type the text in the right-hand column into the Run dialog box exactly as it is shown in the table below.

Location Windows computers:
Text to type in the "Run" dialog box
Campus Printing Kiosks:
   Carpenter Sports Building
   Christiana Commons
   Perkins Student Center
   Rodney Commons
   Trabant University Center
McDowell computing site \\\mcdowellprinter
Smith Hall computing site \\\smith1printer