Upcoming Workshops PBL@UD

PBL Classic and New

January 6-8, 2016 University of Delaware

Our program is designed for both new and experienced practitioners of PBL from college, secondary, and primary levels of education.  You can find details here: PBL Classic and New.

The workshop will engage multiple faculty-leaders from various disciplines at UD, all united in their commitment to active, engaged forms of teaching and learning. We will feature sites of engaged learning on the UD campus: team rooms, science labs, design studios, faculty commons.

We will have two tracks, one for those who want a grounding in PBL methods and who want to work in a team environment to experience PBL and collaborate on developing a problem for classroom use.

The second track will feature presentations and workshops that extend PBL practices in specialized contexts. Participants will be able to choose to attend sessions of highest interest to their teaching.

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