Current and Recent Dissertations

Andy Bozanic, "The Acoustic Guitar in American Culture, 1880-1980” (in progress)
Amanda Casper, ”Home Alteration in Industrial Philadelphia, 1865 to 1925” (in progress)
Lucas Clawson, "Henry du Pont and Delaware Loyalty during the American Civil War” (in progress)
Jennifer Fang, "Another Chinese America: Negotiating Chinese American Identity and Suburban Life in the Cold War Era” (in progress)
Katherine Turner, “Good Food for Little Money: Food and Cooking Among Urban Working-Class Americans, 1875-1930”
Alan Meyer, “Why Fly? A Social and Cultural History of Private Aviation in Post-World War II America: 1945-1985”
Benjamin Schwantes, “Fallible Guardian: The Social Construction of Railroad Telegraphy in 19th-century America”
Daniel Winer, “The Development and Meaning of Firefighting, 1650-1850”
Jennifer Armiger, "The Gender of Industrial Decline: Reconsidering Sex Discrimination and Equal Opportunity at Western Electric, 1965-1985”
Douglas Lantry, "From the Moon to the Museum: A Material History of Apollo Space Suits”
Cristina Turdean, "Betting on Computers: Digital Technologies and the Rise of the Casino Industry (1950-1995)”
Jamin Wells, “The Shipwreck Shore: Marine Disasters and the Creation of the American Littoral"