Canvas@UD Learning Management System

The University of Delaware has entered into an agreement with Instructure for UD faculty to use the Canvas learning management system.

Log in to Canvas@UD UD faculty/staff or students - see Activating your UDelNet Account
Guests - see Sakai and Canvas Guest Accounts
Canvas@UD course request Only faculty and staff can request Canvas courses.You must log on using your Google Apps @ account. More info >

Service outages: See the Canvas Status page.

Not sure if your course is on Canvas or Sakai? List of Courses for Fall 2015


I just changed my classes, when will I get access to my new course sites?

UD's learning management systems sync with UDSIS enrollments overnight. If you are officially registered, that registration usually is reflected in granting you access the next morning. This can extend to the morning after if you registered later in the day, after the UDSIS roster extract process.

Before contacting the IT Support Center, consider the following:

  1. Double-check in UDSIS to see if the class is officially on your schedule. Note the course number and section.
  2. Your new class might be on Sakai, Canvas, or might not be using a learning management system at all. Check the current Sakai@UD and Canvas@UD course list.
  3. If you need access today, contact your instructor and ask them to add you to their course site manually.

If you have been registered for more than 2 days and still don't have access, contact the IT Support Center.


Student Access to Fall 2015 Courses

  • STUDENTS: Student rosters will be loaded to summer semester's Canvas sites on Tuesday, August 18th. New students should verify that their UDelNet account is active. Most instructors will give you access to your sites during the first week of class (starting September 1st).
  • INSTRUCTORS: Instructors can prevent students from viewing a Canvas course site by leaving their site unpublished. When the course is ready, remember to publish it.



Fall 2015 courses

Instructors can request Fall 2015 course sites. Please allow five business days for courses to be processed. Once created, you can copy content from previous Canvas sites in Settings > Import content into this course.

IT Academic Technology Services staff is always available at the Faculty Commons (116 Pearson Hall) to help you decide between the different options supported at UD.