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Colleen McCubbin Stepanic

Colleen McCubbin Stepanic, "Reconstructed": March 3- 27th, Recitation Gallery. Artist Talk: 130 Smith Hall March 3rd, 5pm. Reception: 6pm , March 3rd Recitation Gallery.

My painting explores the possibilities of physically representing emotional experience. In doing so I disregard the flat plain and engage in a number of aggressive actions against the basic fiber of painting. I cut and rip apart canvases. I attack the surface with paint, with scissors, and with thread. These works utilize geological references as a starting point for tactile, physically intrusive works. I am interested in the parallels I see between geological processes and human experience. I draw links between the ways in which earth is built up, saved, and destroyed, (sediment, erosion, and earthquake) and the way our own life events are similarly built up, saved and destroyed (accumulating personal experiences, flawed memories, and traumatic life events.)

Repetitive actions play an important role in my process. 10,000 staples hold torn paper. 7,000 pieces of canvas cut to the same shape form a surface. Millions of machine stitches hold the canvas together. These actions are part of the labor critical to my art making. Li

ke a mantra or a rote prayer this activity builds the intensity of the experience for both the creator and viewer.

Before they become the materials for my sculptural forms these canvases were my paintings. They were records of my observations and experiences. I highly value the role of observational drawing and painting as a means of gaining greater understanding of the things I see and experience. While the original whole is lost in creating the final works records of it exist through the pieces the viewer sees and through my memory.

Benjamin Gallegos

Congratulations are in order for student Ben Gallegos.

One from a series of images completed for a personal project/road series book was selected for the Society of Illustrators 2015 Student Scholarship Competition exhibition and catalog.

Last year only 300/8700 entries were selected. This year 2,275 students participated - representing 86 colleges, universities and art schools nationwide.

Here is the link giving you an overview of the competition. Here is the professional jury.

  • March 30: Jury for financial awards
  • Friday May 8: Awards and opening reception
  • May 6 - May 30 2015: Exhibition at Museum of American Illustration / 128 E 63rd St. NYC

Congratulations again to Ben for his inspired work in his ART412 Illustration Topics class last spring with Professor Brinley.

Susana Cortez

PERFORMENANDO, February 21,2015, Queens Museum, opening 3:00-6:00pm

PERFORMEANDO (SpanGlish word, coined by NYC artist Hector Canonge in the context of Live Action Art and Corporal Expression) refers to the creation of an event, presentation, act, action, and/or intervention.) PERFORMEANDO is the first international program focusing on featuring works of performance artists who identify themselves as Latin, Latina/o or Hispanic living and working in the U.S. PERFORMEANDO was launched by Canonge in 2013 and serves as platform for dialogue and exchange, and to foster collaborations based on the premise of experimentation and exploration of Live Action Art in the context of the Hispano-American experience in the United States.

PERFORMEANDO’s first program for 2015 in New York City will take place at the Queens Museum. The program explores notions of "home" and pertain to questions such as: What is home? Where is home? Is home where the heart is or where the money is made? Is country analogue to the notion of home? How does one build notions of homeland?...

Under the curatorial direction of Canonge, twelve artists coming from nine countries were selected from a city-wide open call. Participating artists include:

  • Maria Builes (Peru)
  • Susana Cortez (Mexico)
  • Oscar Diaz (Salvador)
  • Raquel du Toit (Mexico)
  • Camilo Godoy (Colombia)
  • Ma. Fernanda Hubeaut (Argentina)
  • Geraldo Mercado (Puerto Rico)
  • Caryn Moriah (Puerto Rico)
  • Lisa Parra (United States)
  • Claribel J. Pichardo (Dominican Republic)
  • Bryan Rodriguez (Peru)
  • Collective Marea Granate (Spain)

Note: country in parenthesis denotes Hispanic heritage, and in many instances, not place of birth.

More information: Contact: Join us in Facebook.


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Spring 2015 Visiting Artist

Our visiting artist lectures will be held at 5:00pm on Tuesday's in Smith Hall Room 130.