Class of 2013 - 2014


Mr. Shihab Aldin Al-Riyami
Country: Oman
Sport: Volleyball
International Volleyball Coach Instructor and Sultan Qaboos University Volleyball Coac
Project Title: National Volleyball Coaching Education Program
Project Mission Statement: To build up the level of volleyball coaches and develop their knowledge and understanding in the coaching field to be qualified coaches through courses & Seminars.


Mr. Meseret Mengistu Beyene
Country: Ethiopia
Sport: Athletics
National Team Coach
Project Title: Development of Periodized Training Program to Enhance the Performance of National Team Sprinters in Ethiopia
Project Mission Statement: Develop and apply an appropriately periodized annual training program so as to enhance the performance of national team sprinters at Youth Junior age Category.

Mr. Yuri Calderon
Country: El Salvador
Sport: Rowing
National Team Coach
Project Title: Structure of a System for High Performance in El Salvador
Project Mission Statement: The factors which condition the high performance is characterized by stability, growth and strength, the structure formed between the institutions involved are the system that enables the integration and interrelation of resources and effort, which acts directly proportional to these conditioning factors.


Mr. Pablo Caro
Country: Chile
Sport: Judo
18 and under National Team Coach
Project Title: The Development of Motor Skills and Physical Athlete for the Future of Judo in Chile
Project Mission Statement: Enhance performance thru quality training developing motor skills and physical condition
to complement the lack of time or infrastructure in the education process

Ms. Tshering Choden

Country: Bhutan
Sport: Archery
Head Coach
Project Title: Increase Number of Certified Coaches & Develop Archery
Project Mission Statement: Develop Olympic archery in Bhutan by increasing the number of archers and improving archery from grass root level



Mr. Gregory Colmenares
Country: Philippines
Sport: Swimming
National Team Coach
Project Title:
Project Mission Statement: Provide a mediated (formal/non-formal) coaching and official’s education program to maximize performance outcomes while blending Olympic values to enhance coaching and swimming development


Mr. Hector De La Torre

Country: United States
Sport: Fencing
Head Coach at PDX Fencing Club
Project Title: Development of a Saber Fencing Module as an Adjunct to Physical Education in Middle Schools
Project Mission Statement: To implement fencing where possible in middle schools and/or to increase the number of fencers in Portland community with the intention of establishing a national model



Ms. Sirsa Dudu
Country: Jordan
Sport: Basketball
University Head Coach and U17 National Team CoachProject Title: Establish a Youth Basketball Coaching Education Program and Publish a Junior Athlete Development Model
Project Mission Statement: To create a Jordanian basketball development  model for youth Athletes and to deliver thismodel to basketball coaches through educational courses .


Mr. Titus Elien
Country: St. Lucia
Sport: Athletics
National Track and Field Coach
Project Title: Developing a Long Term Athlete Development Program in St. Lucia
Project Mission Statement: To develop a LTAD plan to keep athletes in the sport of athletics past the high school years in turn increasing the pool of athletes for National Selection


Ms. Maria Fajardo
Country: Guatemala
Sport: Fencing
Project Title: Teach Fencing techniques with right methods for athletes in Guatemala
Project Mission Statement:  Improve the quality of coaching in foil, eppé, sabre in the youth category by developing a Coaching Education Program and course that will better educate and train 12 coaches at the youth level.


Mr. Cedric Finch
Country: South Africa
Sport: Swimming
Swimming SA Open Water Head Coach
Project Title: Open Water Swimming Development Program
Project Mission Statement: Establishi a world class Open Water Swimming program in South Africa for 2016 and beyond within the context of LTPD



Ms. Susmita Islam
Country: Bangladesh
Sport: Taekwondo
Head Coach of Bangladesh National Women's Team
Project Title: Developing Taekwondo Coaching Education in Bangladesh
Project Mission Statement: Develop a coach education program for TKD in Bangladesh To increase the scientific knowledge of coaches, in order to train effectively to reach international levels



Mr. Maciu Koroitamana
Country: Fiji
Fiji Athletics Middle and Long Distance Coach
Project Title: Development of a National Training and Coaching Structure for Middle and Long Distance Coaches and Athletes in Fiji
Project Mission Statement: To host workshops and train coaches on how to write, implement and monitor their middle and long distance training program and also add these trained coaches into our Athletics Fiji Coaches Association databaseEmail:


Mr. Idi Lewis
Country: Guyana
Sport: Table Tennis
Junior National Coach
Project Title: Development of Grass Roots and Education Program for Table Tennis in Guyana
Project Mission Statement: Develop a pilot program for the introduction of Table-Tennis to the other regions



Mr. Irakli Maglakelidze
Country: Georgia
Sport: Basketball
Coach of U16 National Team
Project Title: Development of a National Basketball Coaching Education Program in Georgia
Project Mission Statement: Encourage people to further their education coaching education and professional development



Mr. Musa E. Mansaray
Country: Sierra Leone
Sport: Athletics
Head Coach for Youth Sport Development
Project Title: National Athletics Coaching Education Program in Sierra Leone
Project Mission Statement: Develop a youth coaching curriculum and develop a coaching education program to increase youth participation that will allow for the introduction of a LTAD plan.



Mr. Nozim Muminov
Country: Uzebekistan
Sport: Swimming
Head Trainer
Project Title: Reformation of Swimming Selection System in Uzbekistan
Project Mission Statement: Create a high performance support system and sustainable conditions for elite athlete development in swimming in Uzbekistan



Mr. Hui-Fang Nai
Country: Taiwan
Sport: Athletics
University Track and Field Coach
Project Title: Development of Kids Athletics Coaching Education Program in Tai-Chung Taiwan
Project Mission Statement: Develop a grassroots program for teachers and coaches to increase the number of young athletes participants in athletics and improve the athletics ability of children in primary school



Mr. Shahid Nazir
Country: Pakistan
Sport: Rowing
Head Coach Pakistan Rowing Team
Project Title: Advanced Coaching and Training Program for Elite Level Rowers Development
Project Mission Statement: To establish a progressive training program for elite level rowers and develop the
elite level , youth and women sport of rowing.

Mr. Keith Ollivierre
Country: St. Vincent
Sport: Soccer
Project Title: Grass Root Football Program in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Project Mission Statement: Develop a Grassroots Program in soccer to increase the participation of Youths on the Leeward side of the island based on the LTAD model from fundamental to train to train stage.


Mr. Martin Oppan
Country: Ghana
Sport: Taekwondo
Western Regional Coach
Project Title: Identifying Talents and Developing Grass Root Taekwondo in Ghana
Project Mission Statement: Integrate taekwondo into schools system. and development of LTAD framework for Taekwondo


Mr. Einars Pimenovs
Country: Latvia
Sport: Judo
U14 and U16 National Team Coach
Project Title: Development of Grass Roots Training System for Judo in Latvia
Project Mission Statement: Creation of new competitions version (theoretical description)Email:



Mr. Thabelo Ranthona
Country: Lesotho
Sport: Athletics
Project Title: National Talent Identification Program in Athletics in Lesotho
Project Mission Statement: To establish a National Track and Field (focus on sprints and hurdles) Awareness and Participation Program which will help to develop athletes from early age and produce athletes who qualify for international competitions at all levels


Mr. Dusan Ruzicic
Country: SerbiaSport: Kayak
National Level 2 Coach
Project Title: Strength and Conditioning for Elite Sprint Canoe Kayak Athletes
Project Mission Statement: To make the athletes sytronger, fitter and faster and therefore achieve excellence



Mr. Abbas Samimi
Country: Iran
Sport: Athletics
National Team Coach
Project Title: Periodization Plan for Discuss and Shot Put for Elite Athletes
Project Mission Statement: Provide easy understanding training plan for coaches who are interested. The training plan will design for coaches to train with their athletes 19 weeks and the results of post test will analyze by interacting with coaches to know how our training plan will continue in next season to get the best results in competitions .

Ms. Teina Taulu
Country: Cook Islands
Sport: Canoeing
Developmental Coach
Project Title: Coach Education Program for the Cook Islands
Project Mission Statement
: Develop a robust coaching curriculum and certification system for “paddlesport” coaches in the Cook Islands, focusing on youth development, at Level 1 (Intro to Coaching) and Level 2 (Starting Out in Coaching)