2010 Graduate

Ms. Nargis Anny
Sport: Swimming
Bangladesh National Swimming Federation
National Coach
Project: Development of National Coaching Education Program for Swimming in Bangladesh
Email: nargisaraanny@yahoo.com


Mr. Julian Benjamin
Country: Dominica
Sport: Archery
Dominica Archery Association
Project: Development of Archery through a youth grassroots program



Mr. Sidi Boedi Darma
Country: Indonesia
Sport: Athletics (Specializing in throws)
Indonesian Athletics Federation
Head Coach and Development
Project: Basic Competitive Sports for Pre-Youth Athletes







Mr. Khalique Bailey
Country: St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Sport: Table Tennis
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Table Tennis Association
National ITTF Level 1 Coach & U16 National Team Coach
Project: Grassroot Development of Programme for Female Table Tennis



Mr. Peter Cuffy
Country: Antigua and Barbuda
Sport: Athletics
Antigua and Barbuda Athletic Association
National Junior Coach & Supervisor Sports Barbuda
Project: Development of a Grass Roots Program to Attract Youths to Athletics in Barbuda



Mr. Alfusainey Fatty
Country: Gambia
Sport: Weightlifting
Gambia Weightlifting Federation:
Assistant Technical Director for NF; Judge and Senior gym master of National Team
Project: Grassroot Development of Weightlifting in Gambia



Mr. Quentin Hall
Country: Bahamas
Sport: Basketball
Bahamas Basketball Federation
National Team and High School Coach
Project: Development of Basketball at all Levels of Competition for Both Athletes and Coaches in the Bahamas



Mr. Mehran Hatami
Country: Iran
Sport: Basketball
Iran Basketball Federation
National Coach
Project: Development of Global Program to Improve Iran Basketball



Ms. Estony Hattingh
Country: Botswana
Sport: Judo
Botswana Judo Federation
National Coach
Project: The Development of a Judo Coaching Curriculum for Physical Education Teachers




Mr. Bob Hunter
Country: El Salvador
Sport: Basketball
El Salvador Basketball Federation
Project: Starbasket (Grassroot Development of Basketball in El Salvador)



Mr. Husni Lamir
Country: Libya
Sport: Basketball
Libyan Basketball Federation
Assistant Coach National Team
Project: Introducing young basketball players as young as 10 years old with the culture of the game that will at the end produces quality players



Ms. Tien Ying Liaw
Country: Taiwan
Sport: Judo
Chinese Taipei Judo Federation
Junior National Coach
Project: Project of Enhancing the Physical Ability Development of Teenage Judo Athletes



Mr. Zoran Mirkovikj
Country: Macedonia
Sport: Taekwondo
Macedonian Taekwondo Federation
National Assistant Coach
Project: Development of Grassroot Training Program -Taekwondo



Mr. Aaron Nawuoh
Country: Liberia
Sport: Table Tennis
Liberia National Table Tennis Association
National Team Coach
Project: Long Term Athlete Development



Mr. Dejan Pejinovic
Country: Serbia
Sport: Swimming
Serbian Swimming Federation and Serbian Olympic Committee
National Senior Team Coach
Project: Long Term Development for Swimmers in Serbia



Ms. Inguna Minusa
Country: Lativa
Sport: Women's Volleyball and Beach Volleyball
Latvian Volleyball Federation
National Youth Team
Project: National Beach Volleyball Development Program



Mr. Laisiasa Puamau
Country: Fiji
Sport: Basketball
Basketball Fiji
U20 Men's Team Coach; National Basketball Development Officer
Project: Establishing National Coaching Structure for Basketball



Mr. Arilson Silva
Country: Brazil
Sport: Swimming
Brazil Swimming Federation
National Team Coach
Project: An Olympic Medal in Breaststroke for Brazil



Mr. UroŇ° Slana
Country: Slovenia
Sport: Basketball
Basketball Federation of Slovenia
National Junior Team Strength and Conditioning Coach
Project: Developing a Long Term Strength and Conditioning Program for Young Players to Reduce Typical Chronic and Acute Basketball Injuries



Mr. Size Vardhan
Country: South Africa
Sport: Volleyball
Volleyball South Africa
Head Coach: SA Senior Women's Team and Technical Director
Project: The Development of a long term athlete development program for volleyball in South Africa



Mr. Ratnatilaka Wickramasinghe
Country: Sri Lanka
Sport: Weightlifting
Sri Lanka Weightlifting Federation
National Coach
Project: Talent Identification