Policy 7-01: Safety Policy
Policy 7-02: Department Safety Committee Policy
Policy 7-03: Campus Injuries and Illnesses
Policy 7-04: First Aid Kits
Policy 7-05: Ambulance Service for University Employees
Policy 7-06: Emergency Response/Fire--Other Emergencies
Policy 7-07: Fire Protection/Life Safety Equipment, Design, Installation and Maintenance
Policy 7-08: Volunteer Fire Service
Policy 7-09: Radioactive Material and Machines Capable of Producing Ionizing Radiation
Policy 7-10: Removal of Dangerous Material
Policy 7-11: Materials That Could Present an Imminent Danger to Health and Safety
Policy 7-12: Lockout/Tagout, the Control of Hazardous Energy Sources
Policy 7-13: Extension Cords
Policy 7-14: Purchase and Safe Use of Refrigeration Units
Policy 7-15: Motor Vehicle Regulations
Policy 7-16: Motor Vehicle Seat Belts and Shoulder Harnesses
Policy 7-17: University Owned Motor Vehicles
Policy 7-18: Hazardous Waste Disposal
Policy 7-19: Control of Biohazards in Research and Education
Policy 7-20: Building Floor Loading
Policy 7-21: Local Exhaust Ventilation Equipment
Policy 7-22: Medication and Drug Use and Distribution
Policy 7-23: Eye Protection Policy
Policy 7-24: Policy for Safe Use and Storage of Compressed Gas Cylinders
Policy 7-25: Policy for Use of Pipettes
Policy 7-26: Possession of Weapons
Policy 7-27: Hazardous Chemical Information
Policy 7-28: Design, Selection, Purchase and Installation of Intrusion Alarms and Security Monitoring Systems
Policy 7-29: Facility Safety Equipment
Policy 7-30: Protection of Potable Water Supply
Policy 7-31: Bloodborne Pathogens
Policy 7-32: Respiratory Protection
Policy 7-33: Abandoned, Found, Removed, or Unclaimed Property
Policy 7-34: Driver's License Requirements and Verification
Policy 7-35: Immunization Documentation
Policy 7-36: Confined Space Entry
Policy 7-37: Occupational Exposures to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories
Policy 7-38: Infectious Waste Management
Policy 7-39: Underground Storage Tank Management
Policy 7-40: Personal Protective Equipment
Policy 7-41: Skateboard, Rollarskate/Blade, Scooter, and Bicycle Use DELETED
Please refer to Skateboard, Hoverboard, Segway, Rollerskate/blade, Scooter and Bicycle Use Policy GH&S-1 Policy:
Policy 7-42: Asbestos Management
Policy 7-43: Hazardous Material Shipments/Transportation
Policy 7-44: Commercial Driver's Policy - Random Drug/Alcohol Testing
Policy 7-45: Secondary Phone Lines
Policy 7-46: Lightning Safety for Outdoor Activities
Policy 7-47: University 12 to 15- Passenger/Extended Van Utilization
Policy 7-48: *Deleted* No longer operative
Policy 7-49: Storm Water Management
Policy 7-50: Safety Responsibilities during Laboratory Principal Investigator Leaves/Absences
Policy 7-51: Emergency Preparedness Policy
Policy 7-52: Emergency Notification Policy
Policy 7-53: Electronic Traffic Safety Program Violations
Policy 7-54: Emergency Management Policy